The Dear Droplets

I might have mentioned this more than once, but it’s been rather hot out here – meltingly so, in fact.  But this evening, when I stepped outside after work, it was with some expectancy –  not with hesitancy.  Because for the past two evenings the sky had been bulking with gray, billowing promises.  I would look outside and see those happy threats above me.

So, as I started to walk, I saw it.  I felt it.  I smelled it.  Rain.  Dear droplets dissolving into the sidewalks, joining to create shallow reflections in the streets.  I immediately took off my sunhat – I extended my arms.  I turned my face to the sky, so it would be the first to receive the sky’s cooling bounty.

People did not come streaming out of their homes to embrace the quirky weather – they still continue to disappoint.  I finally did walk by one group of people, milling in front of their apartment, with the obvious intent of experiencing the happiness that the weather had given us.  One asked me, “Nice weather, eh?”  I just gave him my best professionally whitened smile…any answer defied words.

And just before the sun set – a flamboyant, golden show – a rainbow appeared.  It was a faint prism that arched between the horizons, the color of water and light.  When I got home, I lingered in front of the building – loving my damp hair, the drops on my skin – before going inside.

But when I turned on the radio, all I heard were traffic reports:  drive safe.  Because it’s bad out there.


13 responses to “The Dear Droplets

  1. We’re too removed from life. I’m glad you danced in the rain. They don’t know what they’re missing.

  2. Ahh! That feels better.

  3. One of my favorite words is petrichor: the pleasant smell accompanying rain after a dry spell. Isn’t it wonderful that a word exists for that?

  4. awww… we didn’t get rain in Santa Ana or Long Beach. But it’s looking a little promising for today… there’s a very dark mass just east of us.

    We’d make good neighbors… any time it rains, I run outside!

  5. Yay, finally. I am happy for you. Personally I enjoy the twirl-around-in-a-circle rain dance. Everything about a cooling rain is wonderful.

    According to a former employer of mine, by the way, that smell right before a rain storm is ozone. Fun trivia.

  6. RAIN!

    I’ve been doing fog-calling for days up here, and it’s finally working.

  7. Oh thank God you’re here. I need my Aubrey fix. Miss you, my friend. We still need to do some flea market shopping!

  8. Living in San Diego, we get about 10″ of rain per year and have been more-or-less in a drought for the last several. Every time it rains, we rejoice. And I find, because it’s so much rarer than other places I’ve lived, I appreciate the sound and smell of it so much more!

  9. I danced! Here on the other side of the land, rubbing moisture into my thirsty skin. There was wind, and rain and rain, and the trees danced and it was glorious! We were near/drought for the past three months, and though the 90s ended last week and the 100s sometime before that, we were still parched and withering until this week.

    All my peppers that barely came to life this summer are now growing as though they expect time to finish and ripen, silly things. But perhaps they’ll have it.

  10. I do love the smell of rain, the settling of the dust as it starts. One of life’s joys.

  11. It is so fun to read about how you embrace and love the rain! I can just picture you with your hat off, face upturned to the sky. Wonderful that you got a good rain.

    I love the part you threw in about your professionally whitened smile 😀

  12. I love to think of you dancing in the rain!

    My soul becomes parched when living in too much sun. I need my weather. My rain, my gloom, my gusty winds. Patters on the windows. Drumming on the roof.

    Don’t make me live in a “nice” climate! 😉

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