The Clever Light

For the past few days, the morning light was so clever, so witty.  It stole the outline of the afternoon and greeted me in slanted rays and bronzed shapes.   The morning must have had its fun during the night time, confusing the planets – aggravating the stars, who had no time for the unexpected lights carousing beneath them.

With all this mischief going on, by the time I was ready for work and walking outside, the weary morning was already considering sleep.  A premature afternoon was being kicked awake – and was resentfully sharing its colors of opal and honey with me.

It will soon be autumn.  And despite the confusion of the season, I still can’t wait for the lights and colors  it has jealously been hiding all year.

Reds Waiting For Me



26 responses to “The Clever Light

  1. I’m glad you’re west of me, because I get to see this first thing in the morning. Seems you are settling in nicely.

  2. I have noticed the changing light more this season than in quite awhile. I’ll be on the sunrise side of things for the next few days, maybe I can strive to appreciate its current looming influence. It’ll be good for photos, to be sure.

  3. in my area the leaves are changing jeweled tones already, it is like Magic every year! I Love it! HI Aubrey *waves*, it’s me, Lavender 🙂

  4. I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned this to you, but I like to read your posts aloud.

    (That is all.)

  5. Where is my [this is good] button? I love the changing light this time of year and you’ve captured it so beautifully. Glad to have found you on the other side. the voxer formerly known as EF

  6. “morning light”… there is such a thing?!?

    as a vampire, I’m looking forward to the longer nights!

  7. [this is good] Autumn will be beautiful this year. I’m sure of it.

  8. aww you have another one my favorite Aubrey Beardsley pieces in your side bar! 🙂

  9. See you figured out the blogroll. Add me (waterbaby of yore) as you wish. Also, may I suggest ading the RSS feeds widget for comments and blog to your sidebar as a wonderful and useful convenience to readers.

  10. I love this notion of the morning light getting tired. It feels that way here, heading into fall. So bright first thing and then fading to clouds in mid-morning. Just about when I’d like to take a nap, too…

  11. Woah, Aubrey. I think I should tell you that somehow your blog is now listed under my blogs. See at the top where it says My Account, My Blogs, My Subscriptions, etc.? When I click on My Blogs, the drop down menu shows my two blogs and yours! I clicked on “Aubrey’s Blog” and I can see your dashboard (ooh la la)!
    And I have no idea how or why.
    So it must be magic!

    • Pyrit – Dashboard > My Blogs lists only the blogs you have created. Others’ blogs should not appear; if they do, it is a glitch. I wonder whether you meant that her blog appears under Blog Surfer or Readomatic.

  12. I could see your dashboard too. I quickly went through my own dashboard and removed my “author” status for your site. The last thing the world needs is me getting drunk some night and coming over here posting pictures of Sailor Babo by mistake.

    • I am also listed as a author here in Cafe Royal. m-dashes I went through my own dashboard but can’t figure out how to remove my “author” status. care to elaborate?

  13. Sorry, guys. I was fiddling around with ‘users’ under ‘Appearance’ and wanted to know what happened if I added any authors.

    I’ve deleted all ‘author’ status, so all should be serene.

  14. Got the email; yeah, you don’t wanna be messing with author status. To achieve your neighborhood aim, try one or both of these options.
    (1) Dashboard > Blog Surfer. Copy-paste the full url of the desired blog in the self-evident box. This enables scrolling of postings in their entirety.
    (2) Use Dashboard > Readomatic, which presents abbreviated (one line) postings from those in the blogroll.
    I prefer the first because I like to read full postings by scrolling (a nice feature at Vox) rather than needing to click into a post.
    Alternatively, there is GoogleReader, which allows the same function when “Expanded View” is selected. Hope that helps.

  15. Additionally, if you use Blog Surfer (which of all WP features most closely approximates the Vox neighborhood scroll) note that the Display Posts is set at a default of 1 day, as I recall. This can be changed/extended via that drop-down menu.

  16. Hi, Aubrey!
    I’m so glad you are here! 🙂

  17. Would you kindly add the RSS Feeds widget for both blog and comments in the sidebar or as a footer for the numbers perusing blogs and comments by Google Reader et. al. Much appreciated.

  18. Aubrey – lovely, as always. I, too, like the notion of the morning light getting tired.

    I think about light quite a bit; love to watch it – and the shadows it creates – at this time of year.

  19. Beautiful post. I was in Michigan over the weekend and every day there seemed to be more leaves changing color by the hour. I so do miss autumn.

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