No Answering Voice

I have often comforted myself, after having done something stupendously idiotic, that it really was no great matter, "there will always be someone else who has  done the same thing".  There was such reassurance to realize that regardless of what I had done…there would always be a group of people, equally ignorant, ready to welcome me with open arms

Sometimes it isn't stupidity that binds us.  Common things, little things that all people do – watch the flowers, analyze their colors, observe the birds, encourage squirrels, wait for cats, greet dogs…not always in a single morning (Aubrey is guilty as charged)…but there is a unity in feeling kindly towards the natural world.

Anyway, this morning, I felt that I was doing something that no one else in this country was doing.  I was humming a song under my breath, and as hard as I listened, no answering voice came towards me.  Which is hard to believe, actually, because it really is a catchy tune.

But it is an old one.  It was popular in the early 17th century, and could best be catorgorized as 'saucy' or 'bawdy' – even 'naughty'.  It is called 'Watkins Ale' and when you realize that this isn't the type of ale you draw from the tap, the lyrics all seem to make sense.

The version I've included here isn't my favorite, but it will suffice.

Drink up, ladies. 

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9 responses to “No Answering Voice

  1. lol not entirely without moral either…

  2. Those "bawdy" alehouse type songs are such fun. Love the "film clip" – beautiful images.

  3. Fantastic clip! I am always blown away by the quality of your postings,

  4. "…there is a unity in feeling kindly towards the natural world."

  5. I watched it three times… oh my!Maybe they should use that in sex ed classes.

  6. Oh, how fun, kind of like a bawdy drinking song. Did I hear a harpsichord in there? I always thought those lent a kind of sarcasm to songs.

  7. I wasn't paying attention again. What the heck was that about again?

  8. lizzy – The moral was certainly there, but I don't think there were many ladies who bothered to pick it up!
    Emjay – A group called The Baltimore Consort released an album of late rennaisance bawdiness; it will be my next purchase.
    FD – Thank you! I was surprised I found the clip at all.
    Georgia – Thank you – but it's true, right? Sometimes one just takes a look around and sighs in relief.
    snoringKatZ – If such classes were held back then, they would do no good, and the maidens will continue to go out 'to play'.
    Emmi – I think I'm hearing a viol – but I agree, the prettiness of the arrangement lends an irony to the naughtiness. But delightful, yes?
    Kzinti – I dare not say anything! Go back and listen again!

  9. Love this post! I will be coming back to your blog to sample that clip over and over again.

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