Bless The Breezes

Like criminals, they lurk in alleys – wait behind corners
Invisible gusts
A tangle of air
An illicit flurry, twisting skirts – confusing hair

From the gods breathing at every corner of the map
Named by the compass
Their cheeks a round girth
And their frosty gasps a comfort to the melting earth

North, East, South and West – parents harvesting in the clouds
Their children are soft math
Gentle equations
Read by the vehicles of the air, science and nations

Bless the breezes, born of winds panting beyond the sky
The rivers that travel
To a calmer space
Caressing and mocking like a parent's embrace


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8 responses to “Bless The Breezes

  1. I like Aubey's effort to write a poem!

  2. What a lovely poem! What is the picture? Such a nice touch. I think you are quite talented in the poem writing department. I look forward to perhaps having you post more poetry, as time allows. Take care, my friend.

  3. ahhhhhhhh …… {sips mint julep while enjoying the breeze}

  4. Nice to see you. I was wondering if you'd left us.

  5. [this is mind blowing]And I, too, want to say, aaaaahhhhhhhh…. very refreshing.

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