Find My Father

Go ahead, see if you can.  Choose from these groups of sailors:

bound to make these United States proud, the man who would grow up to:

…host his own jazz radio program, broadcast from the depths of San Bernardino, California.  They would change his last name, but not his first – deeming it worthy to be included in the title of the program.

…win seven Emmys, for work on shows as varied as The Julie Andrews Show, Alice Cooper:  Welcome To My Nightmare and the 1976, 1984 and 1988 Winter Olylmpics (getting him a free ride to Montreal, Sarejevo and Calgrary, as well.)

…work for 47 years for ABC television – learning all the intricicies of video tape editing, as the methodology changed from the cut and paste of the mid 20th century to the banks of computers of the 21st century.  Talents changed, employees came and went, but really, there was none better.  Ask around. 

Can you figure this out?  Can you detect the potential fatherly wisdom lurking behind the faces of these Tars?  He is in each of these photos. 

 He would also:

…be repeatedly mistaken for Robert Mitchem

…do his editing work – once – with Sammy Davis Jr. watching over his shoulder.

…receive a Dean Martin CD from me although I had accidently stepped on the case (note to Aubrey – delete this, please)

…grow tomatoes each year – of all sorts and colors, all reds and golds – of such quality, planted with such reverent care, that the local news program he was working on ran a pictoral feature on them.

…do anything for his family and never – ever – complain.

…grow into that quality – inaccesable, undefineable, simple yet complex, familiar but beyond reach – the quality that confounded Somerset Maugham…goodness.

…have a daughter who couldn't love him more, despite his history of swabbing the decks for America's navy.

So.  Happy Father's Day, then, to my dad – to my knowledge, there is no father who is better, and there is no one as good.

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18 responses to “Find My Father

  1. The man on the far right in the last photo?

  2. He looks very cheeky and a lot of fun.

  3. this is a lovely post, Aubrey. &:o)Your dad sounds like a wonderful man! He's done so much interesting stuff!LOVE the photos!I'm sorry, but I have to disagree with the "no one better – no one as good" though…he'll have to at least share that distinction with my dad. &;o)

  4. So funny, I looked at this late last night and I didn't embiggen the pictures, but before I scrolled down to the words below the photos, I said to myself, "I bet he's the rugged Robert Mitchum looking guy with the hair!"Happy Father's Day Aubrey's Pop!

  5. I thought of your dad the other day, because of what you told me about his tomatoes. I got a variety called German Johnson to try. They grow them at Monticello, so I thought that was cool. I might have gotten a runt, but I'll love it well, and we'll see what happens. Anyway, I totally picked him out from the first. 🙂 He does sound like a pretty cool dad.

  6. I'll lay my money on the good-lookin' guy with the curls and the ciggy in the middle photo. He must be one charming guy!

  7. What a fantastic tribute to your dad. I am sure this is the best Father's Day present one could ask for. Incidentally, I guessed the same as the others, but I am hoping you will confirm for us.

  8. the one in front in the first picture? lovely post!

  9. A lovely and loving tribute to your papa. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Fantastic post and tribute to the most wonderful Aubrey's Pops!
    All I did for Father's Day is talk to DadH for half an hour on the phone. I think that made him happy, as I usually never get past MomH. But she wasn't home so he had me all to himself.

  11. Ah, the rascal with the cigarette and the curls falling cheekily over one eye… am I right?

  12. Gotta be the curls…

  13. I really think the word 'goofy' best defines my dad during those years – he was about 19 years old when these pictures were taken, and no stranger to KP duty.I guess the R. Mitchum reference was kind of a giveaway, but I thought it was such a cool detail, I couldn't keep it hidden.Yes, all guesses are correct – he is indeed the fellow with the curls and the cigarette (later he graduated to cigars, then later still he quit smoking altogether – cold turkey). Lily Alice – I will run that name by him; tomato season started late – it's been a little cool here – so he might have time to start that variety, if he hasn't already!YGRS – I knew I was being very daring, referring to my dad, as 'no one better' – I meant no disrespect to the other Vox Pops! So, I put in the phrase 'to my knowledge' to ease my conscience.AmyH – Have no fear – I'm sure that a half-hours discussion with his vivacious and rather marvelous daughter was the best Father's Day gift he could ever have received.Thanks, all!

  14. A lovely tribute Aubrey – he sounds a really interesting and fun man. I love the photos.

  15. I spotted him right away, as I have seen previous photos of him. No wonder your mother was smitten — what a hunk!

  16. Nice tribute to your father!

  17. Fantastic post! I, too, knew which one HAD to be him! Loved all your many and varied tributes to your wonderful father (who also has to compete for "Best" title with MY Dad!)
    The Julie Andrews Show? *faints*

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