I Have A Wish

I wish that my home was made of wood, paneled in cool layers of maple and redwood.  I wish that my books lay in all places; unleased from drawers and brass stands, free from display and a hidden life.

Then, when I came home each day, it would be like stepping into a forest.  And the books would be curled at my feet, like expectant animals.

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8 responses to “I Have A Wish

  1. I've always liked how your writing is like brocade, woven in intricate layers. But for me, books lying on the floor would be like an invitation to trip and fall on my face. I don't know why, but my feet seem expert at finding objects on the floor and getting hooked on them.

  2. Books are rather like cats. Both are great to cuddle with while sipping tea.

  3. how do you do it.*shakes head and wonders*

  4. I love the idea of books being like expectant animals at my feet. In fact they are pretty much like that – lying around under my bed waiting to nip my ankles with a "read me; read me".

  5. Hangaku Gozen: Ha! I just had a vision of them like dogs before a gigantic crackling fireplace looking up as soon as they heard their mistress' footsteps. Delusions of grandeur, I know.
    LM: I remember being surrounded by piles of books, drinking tea, as I worked on my English history thesis on their civil war. I felt like such a scholar.
    YGRS: I do nothing…I leave it up to the words.
    Waterbaby: Thank you! I have no Moose to curl at my feet, so the books will have to do!
    Emjay: Exactly! I have two by my bed right now…I know they are waiting for me to decide which I'll be reading tonight.

  6. Ah, how wonderful!! Sounds like a wonderful dream to me. I love books and to read, as do my girls!! You do write beautifully.

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