D-Day and My Birthday

Perhaps it was suitable that I had my birthday meal/brunch/buffet by the Van Nuys Airport, at a place called the 94th Aero Squadron.

Outside it's decked out like a French cottage, lush with flowers, trees, ducks, a fountain…

…as well as having jeeps, artillery and planes out front.

Oh, and there's a gaping hole in the roofing, so it's safe to assume that Jerry came to some grief there at some point.

Inside, it was draped with photos, posters and other memories from both world wars. 

There was a chart of enemy warcraft silhouettes, which my father recalled having to memorize.  The omelet station was next to a wall hung with khaki gaiters and gas masks.  Churchill smiled above the country potatoes.  Big band music was playing in the background.

I love the place.

My first dish was pedictable.  I present you Breakfast Meat:

My final dish was a little dainty, I'll admit.  But since three other dishes had become the first and final, I was only capable of just a wee sampling.

If you ever wish to feast with war, this is indeed the place.

Still, there will always be things best ventured on one's own:


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16 responses to “D-Day and My Birthday

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! What a wonderful way to celebrate your day – breakfast meat, remembering those who served and cocktails.

  2. Did you choose the venue? If so, did you enjoy drinking under that bomb hanging from the ceiling?

  3. Happy Birthday! What a lovely day!

  4. I was thinking about you today, knowing you had vowed a plate full o'bacon and a photo to prove it. I myself only had 3 slices.That restaurant is a chain, did you know that? There were a number of them across the country, all built near (of course) airports. I don't know how many of them remain other than this one. Glad to hear they don't play the air raid sirens periodically as they did in the 80's when Mr. LT and I dined there. Or maybe that was only at night.

  5. You look stunning near the biplane, BTW. Snoopy would quaff many root beers in your honor.

  6. Mr. LT Googles that the one in San Jose is still open as well.

  7. Happy Birthday, Aubrey! You look so lovely in your photo.

  8. Happy birthday, lovely lady!

  9. AmyH – Oh, I forgot to mention: MIMOSAS!Hangaku Gozen – That bomb was hanging right behind mother, but I kept careful watch over it all afternoon.LT – Thank you! I have been the toast of many a mess hall.I would definately have had more breakfast meat, but it would have frightened the other patrons. Seriously. And mother kept swiping sausages off my plate.Doug – I was hoping to photograph a plate full of hash browns as well, but they only served country potatoes with green/red peppers which seemed too healthy.LC – Thank you – boyfriend insisted that I pose on the machine-gun side of the plane.

  10. Happy Birthday Aubrey! I didn't think it was possible but I think you are getting more fabulous with time!

  11. Happy Birthday to you……!!!!! What a splendid birthday you had. That pictures are wonderful. The food looks devine. Great picture of you outside. You are beautiful!

  12. HAPPY (belated, sorry šŸ˜¦ ) BIRTHDAY!!
    How fun. The desert trifecta, mmm. Stylish and fun as usual, I enjoy the aura you put forth. I don't know why but you look like you belong with planes.

  13. Happy (very) belated birthday! I'm sorry I missed it – I would've really enjoyed that breakfast plate. Machine gun Aubrey looks wonderfully sassy.

  14. Happy Burpday, Aubs!!!Check your PM.

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