The other day I heard a sound – wild and invisible – hidden in an unnamed tree: a mystery that throttled the branches with its scythe-shaped claws.  It was an owl, asking its infamous question, its voice bouncing against the walls of the sky, so that I couldn't identify its location, no matter how intently I listened.

The voice had no words, but it was eloquent.  It was velvety and dark.  It spoke of forests, snow and stars united in a chilly society, a population of shadows.  It spoke of skies the color of nectar and beneath them the terrified residents – squirrels, mice, rabbits – all cursed with a delectable flesh.

The voice spoke of deserted fields twisting in the wind, of silent air breathing sharply through its wings.  The voice was cold and melting – a gentle mystery, a yearning hunter.

I never found the source of that voice.  But there were other things.  I had discovered secrets and visions…the vast landscape of stories that lay beyond its lost, animal aria.

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4 responses to “Discovery

  1. Ah.I saw a falconry lady doing a presentation with hawks and an owl.When she had the hawk out, periodically it would stretch a wing, flap, and buffet the room with the sound of it.When she had the the owl out, and it flapped, there was no sound.Nothing.It was eerie as hell.As if the bird was in its own separate reality.

  2. The voice had no words, but it was eloquent. It was velvety and dark.
    It spoke of forests, snow and stars united in a chilly society, a
    population of shadows. — spine tingly! And I love that graphic!

  3. I often hear an owl hooting around at night, but I've never seen one except in captivity. There's also a woodpecker who lives in the tree in my front yard. It's been waking me up every morning at around 5:30. Not cool at all.

  4. lauowolf – Boyfriend and I have been to those demos too; the owl swooped right over our heads, and its wings seemed to stretch forever.Waterbaby – Glad you enjoyed that line! I just closed my eyes and listened to that call in my head again and again until I saw that picture. And then I just wrote it down!M—–l – Sorry about the woodpecker thing. There's one outside my window at work, and seems to go to work late in the AM. I find them kind of charming.

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