“Jeepers, Creepers…”

"…where j'da get those peepers?"

Well, I know where they are.  They're outside my window, nestled inside of street signs, in the trees, crying high and plaintive above my head.

For the past few weeks, I've heard the non-stop peeping of baby birds.  They're huddled inside their homes, tiny knots of down, wondering where the size and the warmth of their parents have gone.  Stupefied, they do the only thing their forlorn DNA tells them to do.

They peep.

So when I hear those little sounds of woe, I can't help but worry about their confusion.  I can't help but think about their parents, searching the tight-fisted city for their childrens' meals.

But I also can't help but think:  "Your babies are frightened!  They're hungry!  They're lonely!  It's time you were home!"

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13 responses to ““Jeepers, Creepers…”

  1. we don't have many baby birds around here this year. but we have an adult that chips non-stop. i enjoy it.i worry about the babies in these crazy winds. fortunately, most of the nests are in my neighbor's roofs, under the ceramic tiles.

  2. I'll bet they are fine and they are starling babies. We have a batch in the eave of our goathouse and man o man, them things are LOUD!You would think they would attract every predator in the area! I was worried at first too, thinking they were starving to death…but now I believe they just think they are starving to death! 🙂

  3. I watch an owlbox webcam and as soon as the daylight fades, the owlets start calling for food. Barn owls are screechers, so it's not peeping, it's LOUD — you have to turn your volume way down. And despite the number of food deliveries they get from the parents, they keep it up till daylight breaks, just in case there's more. Because more is better.

  4. I read somewhere that all babies are programmed to cry nonstop until their needs are met. How else are clueless parents supposed to know when the kids are hungry or need a clean diaper?

  5. Ohhh, I loooove that movie! (the original, the sequels, not so hot). Fret overly not, their robust peeps speak of robust life.

  6. Leenda – the sparrows around here built their nests beneath the eaves of the roofs, inside the street signs – they're pretty safe. Mockingbird nests are in the shrubbery, but a wind storm wouldn't dare knock them down.
    Lauri – true, true – strength of voice equals strength of spirit. They're just crying because at this point that's all they know how to do!
    Laurie – at Boyfriend's house, we heard an owl hooting, it was such a thrilling sound – I'd never heard it in the wild before. Yes, those babies are growing and growing FAST: they need breakfast, snacks, eleven-ses, lunch, tea, supper and dinner!
    Hangaku Gozen – 'bottomless pit-stomachs': yes – how else to explain those expansive beaks?
    Waterbaby – well…I'll try not to worry! But I always stop on my walks to watch the parents, or listen to their fledglings (I recently got a mockingbird rather defensive – was too near its nest): curiosity about their family life will always stops me dead in my tracks.

  7. It's a shame baby birds take so long to become cute!

  8. I have nightmares about this. At the bird rehab center we had to feed the hatchlings evern 20 minutes. I can't imagine raising one of the little dickens as a real bird mom.

  9. That picture is so neat.

  10. This year we had robins all over the place. One nested on the front porch light, one on the back of the house on top of the electric meter. Each had four babies and all survived. Going to be a worm shortage around here… LOL

  11. Beautiful post! I loved the picture – the baby birds must be having
    really unpredictable lives.

  12. "crying because that's all they know how to do"…..that's so true…of human babies, too. I wish I had known at the time…but I was as in the dark as any new mom….but crying is not always something to be stopped….it's a great release for energy, great exercise and really very essential to those little growing brains. I find it less painful to listen to now that I am wiser….my nieces and nephews benefited from my enjoyment of carrying them around while they cried….and I didn't feel like a failure when they sometimes had to cry for awhile when infants.

  13. This made [life is good]. Congrats!

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