Regiments Of Wind

The evening was windy.  The wind whipped the sky clean; it showed signs of its punishment in a sunset that was red and raw, in the welts on the horizon.  The air was icy and cold – a visitor from the Antarctic, swimming like a penguin through the melting atmosphere.  The world was empty and ready for battle.

The night was gusty.  The wind was ill:  spitting and coughing; wheezing and asthmatic.  It whirled from all four compass points, clashing and tearing swaths of breath before flinging them towards the shocked and pacific moon.

I heard tiny deaths – bodies flung against my window, then bouncing back into the invisible war.  Like battalions of hail, they drummed against my window.  Ribbons of strata were torn from the earth, exposing the histories buried in the earth.  Birds held their children in their unraveling nests.  Trees knelt to the ground.  Cats narrowed their eyes and followed the airborne battles, marking the unseen maps. 

The morning was quiet.  Thte sidewalks were strewn with corpses, the blossoms that would never experience a flowering adulthood, a proud summer.  The limbs of flowers were holding onto their living colors despite the brutal night – their dying breaths were still sweet.

Occasionally a weakened breeze, disrespectful of the dainty carnage, began a quiet shower of petals.  They fell on my shoulders like a mourning veil as I walked through the fragrant graveyard.

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8 responses to “Regiments Of Wind

  1. [it's all good] "then bouncing back into the invisible war" – oooh I like that, and more!And the drawing. Did you draw that? It's great.

  2. I could never come close! It's by Arthur Rackham, from 1914, maybe – as a year, it was manna for illustrated books.

  3. Such vivid prose, I could only anticipate that inspired and awaited us at the end. "The wind whipped the sky clean; it showed signs of its punishment in a sunset that was red and raw, in the welts on the horizon" — I really like this, I've never read the sunset so described.

  4. Cool. Gusts can unravel and also be like a predator.

  5. <sits, jaw slack> Holy crap! That is by far the best piece of work yet… The words conveyed as visions in my head. I was there. I experienced that. How awesome. A storm will never be just a storm again…

  6. [wow!!]beautiful!

  7. So interesting, we had a giant wind storm this weekend, along with some rain, so that many places lost power; some are still out. And you nailed it, as usual, from across the country.

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