Look Carefully…

…what do you see?

Hopefully, it will be:

8 petals

3 stems

3 leaves.

This lily is part of a bunch of flowers that my parents gave me last November, for Thanksgiving.  They have been hanging and drying – like a ripe salmon – in my living room since the day after that iconic dinner.

Many people say that there is more to be read in an aged face than in a smooth one.  I don't particularly agree – a person's library of stories is more internal, than external.  One's skin isn't always that expressive.

But I find much beauty in tired, wrinkled flowers.  And so I draw them.

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9 responses to “Look Carefully…

  1. I agree completely about the internal/external living – very strongly. lol, from experience.
    and it is a very interesting lily indeed, nice light shading – I've always wanted to have a go at drawing – might start now I have a bit of time

  2. beautiful. you are as talented as you are fabulous!

  3. I think you've really captured it.
    I agree that certain flowers are elegant in their decrepitude. I always keep tulips till they're nothing but stems, because they wilt and fade so beautifully.

  4. I don't want to sound like one of those faerie nutters, but I looked at this drawing and immediately saw a tiny person with stick limbs. See, she's wearing a leafy gown. The tiny person gets cut off at the shoulders, but I just assumed you cropped it that way. Maybe you hadn't drawn the head yet.

  5. Very interesting drawing. I thought it was going to be one of those illusions where something is hiding, which actually made it even more interesting.

  6. I love the drawing, especially the placement of the dark lines. I also think that wrinkled flowers have a special beauty about them.

  7. Lilies are my favorite flower, though I marvel that yours still has its petals. Lilies tend to drop their petals after a week in a vase, so I prefer them alive, in a garden.

  8. Yet some people just have that worn out, rode hard and put away wet kind of visage to them that tells the story of a hard life.

  9. cat – thanks; the cross-hatching for the dark effects was probably the most difficult part; I'm right-handed -I had to hold my wrist steady with my left hand to keep the lines even.
    Ms. Pants – you do me too much honor: but it's still nice to hear now and again!
    Laurie – this might be my new subject matter; there will always be dead flowers; let me draw them before they are ground to dust.
    M—–l – but I do want to hear you as a faerie nutter! It's my dearest wish. Anyway, I was worried that it looked a little too much like a figure, but the composition was already set – there was nothing I could do.
    LBreeze – there is always something hiding in a work of art!
    Ishtar – by the time I got to my dead flowers, they were literally falling apart; so I arranged the individual pieces myself: sort of dark/light/dark/light/dark.
    Hangaku – I hung the lilies upside down, by one of the windows: they were still fresh, which might be the difference. As for the internal/external thing; I was speaking psychologically. Physically – well, a disease can wreck its own type of expression.
    Kzinti – True; but I think that a story held internally is the more accurate one. Alot of the ladies in L.A. have hard, wrinkled faces, but that's only because they don't use sunscreen!

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