The Sky Was Singing

I've spoken at length about my eyesight before.  Suffice and briefly to say, it is not good.  Things that are fortunate enough to be close to me I can see well.  I can see my feet as they carry out the herculean task of carrying me to work.  I see streets.  I see cars.  I can see – or sometimes sense – a dog's eager face looking into mine, asking for a pet, a scratch, a silly word.  I can see a cat's depthless distaste.

Distant things are a different matter.   I'm often forced to rely on my imagination – a fortunate thing, perhaps.  Birds, for instance, are a terrible problem.  Finches become tiny twittering shadows that make the branches shiver, as if they were trying to brush away their melodious tormentors. 

I know where sparrows keep their nests – I'll often stop by, just to see how the domestic arrangements are progressing.  I never see the parents until they buzz by me like a feathered Luftwaffe.

Ms. Dove has set up house in Boyfriend's garage again; I always check on her, but can't see her until I've come up close.  And then suddenly I'm almost level with her black, terrified eyes.  When my dubious face becomes too much to take, she'll fly away, the wind whistling through her lavender wings like a mother's protestations.

Mockingbirds, I'll admit, are impossible to ignore.

When I'm outside – especially during the blue, sharp mornings – I'm surrounded by birdsong.  Happily I never see the sources.  Therefore, it is the houses that sing – music and voices charm from the rooftops.  Trees rattle with dimunitive discussions.  The letters on street signs are suddenly living and articulate.

And when the birds scatter across the sky, scoring the blue paper with invisible notes and trebles, their bodies seem to disappear into the cavernous atmosphere.  I look up and see nothing but song, as if the sky was so comforted by the tender sun, it could not help but sing for joy.

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10 responses to “The Sky Was Singing

  1. Hello-I like the picture…the posting…brings to mind…Birds around here leave their nests to return the following year…We have eaves…with wrens and sparrows…there is a dove and her mate…their nest is about seven feet up…we did not know if they would return…Tabby…one feline member of the family…took one of the babies…last year…She would not surrender the little thing…This year Mrs. Dove is back…looking a few short feet…to the nest…I saw six black eyes…of her latest…She was proudly sitting on the wire…watching…protecting…Peace Tony

  2. As always, my friend.&:o)

  3. My kids grumble that I'm able to see things like dust bunnies under the furniture and hair in the carpet, but when they try to point out something like the Goodyear blimp floating overhead or an unusual car in the street, I'll say, "Where? I don't see anything!" Vision is a funny thing sometimes.

  4. How true about bird song!! It turns the neighborhood into a huge choir. It sounds like you and the dove have a special connection, but birds will never admit that. We had a mockingbird who learned our cell phone rings. I took it as a sign of friendship. 😉
    You must have better eyesight than I do if you can walk around without glasses. That would be an unmitigated disaster for me.

  5. Seeing is so overrated. It's only a practicality. Hearing is immense.But I am thankful I can see every word you write.When I heard the songbirds last week, my heart went airborne, without seeing as much as a tail feather.

  6. I love this: "I look up and see nothing but song…"
    I love birdsong but am afraid of actual birds. Sometimes I think it would be a comfort not to be able to see them. Wearing glasses means seeing them, but at least behind a slightly protective shield.

  7. Actually, I think you see things pretty darn well at that.

  8. I can see a cat's depthless distaste. Ha – LOL – that's wonderful.

  9. Beautiful!And how I look forward to the birds' songs in spring. It won't be long now and the chorus will start up! :)Thank you for this!

  10. and reminds me that i saw a rare (for my area) blue jay last week. and a brown pelican that was far too far inland… probably sick but it was a nice treat for me to see.

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