She Doesn’t Like You

The girl next door – when her kittenish spirit strikes her – will sometimes stop by for a visit.

She will look into your face with her gilded eyes, hoping for some intelligent conversation.

Should that not be forthcoming, she will gaze dreamily across the street in search of something better, someone wittier.  There are some Yorkshire terriers.  There is a eucalyptus tree.  Perhaps she would find some improvement there.

The girl next door is not afraid of her beauty, of her wonderful textures.  She is not afraid of a profile full of myth and history.

The girl next door doesn't like you.  And after some thought, she will leave you.

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15 responses to “She Doesn’t Like You

  1. What a lovely floofy smoosh-ish face girl!Such fine ear furnishings.Does she allow pettings?

  2. You read her thoughts purrfectly.Offer to write her biography. I'd buy it.

  3. "a long walk for so much disappointment" – lol

  4. What a doll!!! Some dolls are worth loving even when you know they're going to leave.

  5. LT – she demands the pets. She's not allowed into our building, but she will find her way in – sometimes 2-3 times a day. She investigates offices, stairwells, then allows herself to be picked up. Her purring can be heard from many feet away.
    pyrit – we're negotiating. She wants to call it, 'My Neighpurrhood, and Why I Would Just Assume Stay Inside'.
    Waterbaby – I feel guilty to be the reason for all that disgust. But I just can't return a cat's ancestral, demanding gaze.
    LBreeze – You're exactly right. She's determined to go, but at the same time she's just too irresistable.

  6. wow, she is beautiful! Fatcat will also come over to investigate what one is doing, just so he can disapprove of it.

  7. She is a beauty, but don't all cats have a look of ennui about them, once they've gotten their strokes and treats?

  8. Aha! A cat's ability to make others feel rejected, that is a talent that would be quite dangerous and valueable if put in a bottle. This had better be worth it….oh how many times I've heard that from my cats. I am not worthy.
    What a gorgeous tabby. Her unique body and face shape reminds me of some breed whose name escapes me. Intriguing! Great photos!

  9. I would take her snubs and abandonment as a sign of notice, however degrading. And be happy with it.

  10. As all true society ladies are, throughout history.

  11. Beautiful! I love the girl-next-door's expressions and moods and the way you are reading her mind 🙂

  12. Oooh, I love her floof! She seems to have some Persian in her face, too.

  13. She wishes you were smart. 🙂

  14. Ha – what a wonderful tale! That is a really gorgeous looking cat.

  15. This made me laugh out loud!What an interesting face she has!

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