A Reflection

I love seabirds.  Whether they realize it or not, they have such a ridiculous dignity.

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12 responses to “A Reflection

  1. Did you take the pic? If so, I want the sunshine that cast those shadows! … much-needed respite from the unceasing bleak gray and rain. It's a cool pic and like the "ridiculous dignity" line …

  2. Yes, the picture is mine – taken on the last sunny day before our currrent rain attack. I didn't notice the shadows until I cropped the picture and was able to take a closer look.

  3. Really?! I noticed the shadows immediately, indicating an indeterminable yearning for light in Grey's Land. I do love how they're aligned.

  4. oooh that's a really cool pic Aubrey! look at those shadows! &:o)

  5. Beeauutifull. They do have amazing dignity. Ocean survival is very harsh.

  6. Ridiculous dignity- now that you say it, I love how it makes perfect sense.

  7. When I was younger — why do I seem to start so many sentences with that phrase lately? — I lived not far from the Monterey Bay Aquarium. I was, in fact, one of their Charter Members when they first opened. They have an area for seabirds: a strip of synthetic beach, from dunes to sea-lapped shore (provided by a large, slow, and hidden wave machine), planted with shrubs and sea-grasses, and enclosed with fine mesh like a giant screen porch to let in the ocean breezes. The dune sand is about chest-high, with the remainder of the beach sloping gently down along the public walkway, until the last few yards of the fence are actually a clear wall, providing an underwater view of the small captive ocean and its fishy inhabitants.
    The birds themselves are rescues, either injured or foundling, nursed to health and released to live a safer, if somewhat more circumscribed, life under scrutiny by the public. For their part, the birds have all affected the "I'm not noticing you" attitude common among housecats. They are, however, careful to remain out of grabbing range of the young children who peer over the wooden railing at the eye-level beach. I imagine from the other side, they would resemble giant gophers popping their heads up out of the sand. If I were a seabird, I'd keep my distance, too.

  8. Hi – good to hear from you!
    I know that that bird-beach well – one of Boyfriend's and my favorite parts of the Aquarium. I love that they are rescues, have been cared for and are now safe.
    When we went to the Aquarium last year, we were very excited about seeing the albatross (kept in her own area, of course) – but she wasn't 'in the mood'. So we went away, as disappointed as one can be in one of the loveliest parts of California.
    The fact that cats and birds share a very distinct quality is rather ironic, don't you think?

  9. Beautiful picture! What is the name of this bird?

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