The Balloon

It must be such a life, albeit a brief one.  To hang there, delectable and symbolic, the object of desire for a room full of celebrants.  Waiting to fall,  to be caught, beaten and shredded, all in the name of the passage of time – all to mark a new chance, after such abject failures.

To be flushed with color and anticipation, in a fishnet cage:


And then to fall, straightly and bravely, into a cluster of outstretched hands and cameras waiting to catch the moment of liberation, and the path to happy destruction:


And when that life is done, the tattered house will be mended.  And the failures and chances will be mocked and celebrated all over again:


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9 responses to “The Balloon

  1. A sigh for their short and beautiful existence.

  2. Yay! Aubrey has returned to enchant us!

  3. The photo of the falling balloons makes me think of jellybeans!

  4. Beautiful photo. We are going to Catalina soon. The pictures? Look like the downtown concert hall at Avalon. On the comment…brought to mind from Jerry Garcia's-Bob Hunter's-'Uncle John's Band'-'where does the time go?', song on 'Workingman's Dead' album. To save implementing an encyclopedia…I always liked…'Time starts now'….interesting metaphor on the current quality of some, if not most of the fourth estate and quality of news? or stalking? In any case…Time starts…Peace Tony

  5. Love the lights and the empty net, as though some mysterious creature broke free…..

  6. I love it when I see balloons which have escaped into the outside world. There is something compelling about watching it fly higher and higher.

  7. Happy New Year, Aubrey.

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