If I Could…

…I would invite every one of my handsome, adorable, clever neighbors to my apartment for Thanksgiving dinner.

If I could, I would expand my list of invitees, like a sparkling balloon, to include parents, children and all manner of pets.  How I would love to be introduced to them all.

If I could, I would alter the design of my dinner table into something Dr. Seuss or Lewis Carroll might design – curving into space, higher and higher – until it had lengthened sufficiently so that every one of you could find a place.

If I could, I would alter the space continuum so that my kitchen would be BIG ENOUGH to accommodate the positively epic, Edwardian dinner I would plan for you.

If I could, I would alter the time continuum so that my far-flung precious ones would be able to find their way to the Aubrey domicile with ease and economy.  And yet still be able to travel first-class.

If I could, I would place a glass of flower-like, art nouveau proportions at each place setting.  It would be full of champagne, and glittering at the bottom would be either a diamond bracelet, or a brace of diamond cufflinks.  They are for you.

If I could, I would arrange the champagne toasts thusly:  they would not be to your hostess, to your family, or to your loved ones.  You would not toast this innocent North American holiday.  You would, instead, toast yourselves.

Because words fail me.

Happy Thanksgiving, all.

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29 responses to “If I Could…

  1. Yay! What a sweet wish. Happy Thanksgiving to you all yours, dearest Aubrey.

  2. I think we should make this happen at next year's peep meet. Have a truly wonderful Thanksgiving!

  3. The day words fail you is the day the earth stops spinning. You are always eloquent and appropriate. I would love to come to this grand event, even if it's not even my holiday.

  4. I can just imagine it

  5. And I'm sooo going to get into my tardis and go find the alternate universe where we all manage to get together.Cheers!

  6. I would come – assuming that your generosity goes to plane tickets as well! I would be very well behaved and wear my best frock and feathers. I would partake of an elegant sufficiency and not outwear my welcome. I would not sing.

  7. It would be the epitome of entertaining and delight.I am extra-grateful for my neighborhood as well this year.

  8. To us, dear Aubrey!! Raise a toast to us on Thanksgiving and in some space-time continuum we'll share it! Have a beautiful day tomorrow.

  9. This is wonderful. Have a great Thanksgiving Day!

  10. Thank you, Aubrey! I hope your day is delicious and sparkling.

  11. Thank you for being my peep, Aubs. (((hugs)))

  12. Diamond bracelets in champagne?!? You're the best hostess EVER!!Isn't that pic the one from The Shining?

  13. Well! If you extend the invite next year, I certainly will be there! Make sure you remember to put a bracelet in the champagne when I come.

  14. I would be the exact opposite – because every party needs a designated drunk.

  15. If you could … then I would come with the family and a bottle or two of something sparkely and toast your very good health.

  16. Happy Thanksgiving! Tabby is dreaming about turkey and stuffing right now.

  17. Party at Aubrey's! Now where is that lampshade I like to wear on my head?

  18. And we could all eat whatever we wanted, and it would be magically calorie-free and non-allergy inducing.You are a lovely hostess, Aubrey. Happy Thanksgiving!

  19. That sounds like a lovely party! Happy Thanksgiving, Aubrey!

  20. I'm glad make a toast with the coolest champagne glasses ever.
    **To your imagination, Aubrey, and the light it brings.** Happy Thanksgiving.

  21. what a wonderful, generous heart you have. your words are gifts. thank you.

  22. You're pretty fantastic, really.

  23. I love the idea of a huuuge Edwardian dinner at your virtual mansion, Aubrey. Happy (belated) Thanksgiving!

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