A Speck

When "speck" is defined as a noun, it is 'a very small mark, or amount', it is 'a bit'.

But when "Speck" is the name of a cat, it is defined as "Get out of my room":

As a future tense, it is defined as, "I don't have to tell you what will happen if you don't":

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16 responses to “A Speck

  1. Interesting difference between an impersonal noun and a name 🙂
    You cat is lovely! Would love to see Speck's full picture sometime.

  2. How is it that cats can have such expressive ears?

  3. heeee! I love peeker animals!!

  4. You shut that door.That means it's where the good stuff is.Any cat could tell you taht.

  5. lovely catlovely namelovely setuplovely picture

  6. He's gorgeous.
    That stance gives me the chills. I always pictured us as tiny humans about to be pounced on by a giant feline predator.

  7. to whom does Speck belong?

  8. Vishy – Full-body Speck is nothing but a black shadow. She is entirely black, and soft-soft-soft.
    Gamba – Being such an undemonstrative creature, the expression must have escaped, when the cat wasn't looking.
    DKN – Mind that LMAO-ing! Speck won't stand for it.
    Miss Pants/e2c – Hee. She has been known to show her entire face, however. She'll look in on us, see no one of interest, then run back upstairs again.
    lauowolf – I can't help but disturb Speck. Seeing her stare over the blankets kind of makes me giggle.
    mariser: Speck thanks youSpeck's owner thanks youSpeck thanks you, but really it was only because Aubrey barged in with her stupid cameraSpeck thanks you one more time, because the picture's value only lies in its being Speck-worthy.
    Emmi – I think we would be played with and batted to and fro, first!
    LT – Speck belongs to a mutual friend of Boyfriend and I. Speck is female, and 12-years old. I guess when he first got her as a kitten, she wasn't more than a speck.
    At first she did not like me – not at all. She has since got used to me and will now allow head skritches and back rubs. NOTHING ELSE.

  9. This is very sweet! Who is the kitty? Very nice photos!

  10. haha — very cute. maybe she can see you and your camera as less of an intrusion into her cozy private black-on-white existence if she squints her eyes??? btw, thanks for stopping in to see us!

  11. A beautiful life….They truely are independant….They belong to no one…..We have seen kindled and adopted out many little lives in 'the world of man'-each as the child they are. We learn from them and they survive well with love…..In life…Our current Kuala Bear is going to be 19 in January. Seems like yesterday-I saw her born….The one that opens a door is the one to watch…Peace and Kudos Tony

  12. What pretty eyes Speck has!

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