Vignette Ordinaire

I was walking home – desperately – from work one day, shuddering with my disinterest, when I looked up and saw a simple composition floating in the impatient sky.  All of the elements were ruled by astronomy, so as each second passed, they were shifted by a celestial sleight-of-hand.

I saw a crescent moon, hanging in the sky like a slice from a ghostly fruit.  A rag of cloud, the color of sweetness – apricots, irises – was pulled across the pale lunar fraction.  The sky was a gentle product of the negotiation between daylight and sunset:  a lavender agreement.

The sky assembles visions like this every evening.  It is common drink.  But I would dare anyone to take a sip from this vignette ordinaire and not return home happy and reeling.

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12 responses to “Vignette Ordinaire

  1. It's great when the universe conspires to please… The wife complains that she's forgotten her camera, but I say "just look, then." Just look.

  2. beautifully written. I very much hear this, the world around saving us in its persistent glory from our array of rote and tedious miseries.

  3. Your post evoked a beautiful image of the universe. I loved the line : The sky was a gentle product of the negotiation between daylight and sunset: a lavender agreement 🙂 I hope you wouldn't mind if I send this line to my friends with a link to your blog 🙂

  4. I love this. For some reason "a rag of cloud" resonates most today.

  5. What celestial fruits are offered each evening, that so many of us miss. Lovely reminder. I'll think of this the next time I watch the sunset!

  6. It's a wonderful thing to be married to an astronomer. He really does keep me looking up.

  7. No wonder I'm addicted. You are a joy to read, Aubrey.

  8. It's true that so often we don't see it but only our own preoccupations.

  9. Very nice, Aubrey. This accommodates my very short attention span. I especially like "The sky was a gentle product of the negotiation between daylight and sunset: a lavender agreement." You made the language of industry sound beautiful. What have you been reading lately? I'm working on a few books, the best of which is Lady Chatterley's Lover; I keep putting it down though when Lawrence starts to digress.

  10. Sometimes I feel that I'm forcing a piece to be more lengthy – I'm starting to make them as long as they interest me.
    I'm reading 'Have His Carcase' by Dorothy Sayers, waiting for the romance between Lord Peter and Harriet Vane to heat up. I'm also reading 'Courtesans' by Kate Hickson for the umpteenth time. I have the very bad habit of re-reading my books – I should be buying more!

  11. Courtesans sounds interesting. I reread my books over and over too; I think it's the comfort of familiarity, but also they're usually very well written.

  12. "a lavender agreement"Ahhhh. What a beautiful way to remind us all to desist from our shoegazing and cast a glance at the sky.

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