The Seven Seals

"And behold, and lo," it was said.  And thence came a creature empowered with seven horns, seven eyes and seven Spirits.

And there were seven seals.

The first seal…

was Conquest:

Boyfriend had an excellent day of surfing at Asilomar Beach.  I couldn't tell:  there were dozens of black wet-suited figures in the water.  But all I could tell was that it was early, I was hungry and I wanted to go to the Monterey Aquarium.

The second seal…

was War:

I chased Boyfriend down on the bumper car rides at the boardwalk in Santa Cruz.  Always hug the curb, friends, and then attack from the inside.

The third seal…

was Famine:

I was so hungry on Saturday.  Fortunately there is a place on the Santa Cruz wharf that serves a dish that is built thusly:  a slice of sourdough bread is covered with a mix of crabmeat, shrimp and mushrooms in a cream sauce and then topped with Monterey jack cheese. 

The fourth seal…

was Death:

Something, that is, that I wished on Boyfriend and something I believe I narrowly escaped after he insisted I ride the Hurricane rollercoaster on the boardwalk.  And yes, the website is correct:  I did not notice the beautiful ocean views.

The fifth seal…

was a Vision of Martyrs:

On Halloween, Boyfriend and I saw the original 'Night of the Living Dead' on TV.  I'm not sure – is the story here a little martyr-like?  This was my first zombie film, so there were many things that confused me.

The sixth seal…

was Earthquake:

There was a 3.7 magnitude earthquake on the Sunday that we left for home.  The earthquake was in Central California.  We were in Central California.  I don't think I need to explain further.

The seventh seal was the Trumpets of Angels and the end of the world:

On Sunday we went to the Monarch Butterfly Habitat.  The butterflies fluttered like gilded angels.  The migrations forced upon them are tremendous, and many do not survive.

Boyfriend and I have made this trip every year that we've been together:  a considerable time.  We stay in Pacific Grove, visit Monterey, spend the day in Santa Cruz.

We haven't encountered anything yet to make us change our plans.



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11 responses to “The Seven Seals

  1. Ha! What an excellent recap. I'd be wishing death on whoever made me ride something like the Hurricane too! I don't know if I've ever experienced 4.5 G's, nor do I ever care to.

  2. LOL! I made this same trip a couple of years ago, it was so beautiful there.

  3. Surfing among the Seal Spirits, how cool. And the drama of the Monarchs. All lovely, I hope we get to visit the area. Great statue photo!!

  4. Is the Hurricane a new rollercoaster? I don't remember it.I'm soooooooo envious about you going to the Butterfly Habitat! My first time at my current company, we had about 2 weeks of little monarch butterflys fluttering through our parking lot, and all nearby streets. I don't know if they took an odd path that year or what – I've never seen it again. It was sooo great to stand in the parking lot and watch them go by all day long!

  5. You tell a story like no one else. Sounds like a fun trip.

  6. Valerae – We sat in the front car, too. I kept my eyes closed for half the ride: it helps.
    BA – Isn't it stunning? A gentle fog in the morning; we could see the sunrise off Lover's Point…golly, I want to go back now!
    Emmi – You absolutely have to see the Habitat: we were a bit late to see the full flood of them…in October great pods of them hang off the eucalyptus branches nestling together for warmth.
    LeendaDLL – The Hurricane isn't one of the wooden coasters; but it isn't brand new, either. It's merely awful. What time of year did you see the Monarchs – you might have seen the final ones on their way to Mexico, or they might have been starting for Texas.
    DKN – Thank you! [this was good]
    Red Pen – That means alot, coming from you; and yes, it's always fun going up there (we even saw an otter off the Point, so cute and lazy!)

  7. What a wonderful story Aubrey. There is no way I would even attempt that "fun" ride – I don't do rides… I have been to Santa Cruz a couple of times – gorgeous place and I was really impressed with the Monterey Aquarium (of course it cheats by having such a wonderful location!).

  8. That sounds like a colorful sight!! Will look forward to that.

  9. Lovely post. I especially envy the butterfly part (not the roller coaster part–never been on one). I'm putting that down on the to-do list.

  10. I love this post! Thanks so much for taking us with you. I love seeing things through your eyes.

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