Caught By A Downpour

The rain kept me awake the other night, galloping through the gray air like nervous horses.  The water exploding against the ground had the sound of muscular hoofbeats and I couldn't close my eyes without seeing their wild, sparking eyes.

In the morning it was quite dry and I could see by the sky – high and bulking in varied silver metallics – that the horses had been caught.  The clouds shifted restlessly, and I knew that the stormy animals were waiting to be set free once more, for another mad dash towards a sleepless earth.


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7 responses to “Caught By A Downpour

  1. You are so much more writerly than I at describing the storm on Tuesday. When I saw the cascades of water coming off of my parents' roof, I said, "Holy sh*t, I hope the garage doesn't flood!"

  2. Alas, I'm not feeling so poetic — the storm horses peed all over one of my closets and one bathroom.

  3. Why is there so much rain this year? We are in New York now and the rain followed us.

  4. Vishy – Yes, the poetry was thumping against my apartment for a little while. It was most considerate of it.
    Hangaku Gozen – Ick. So sorry about your mildew-y veggies. I myself was worried about the water seeping through the archway that leads into the kitchen – the pictures hanging there would be doomed, if that was the case. But I thought about all that much later.
    LT – What, you don't have anyone to muck out the sky stalls?
    Singing Horse – In Los Angeles, this was the first substantial rain we've had in months. And it didn't last long enough to breathe in! It was in the 80's today.

  5. Your writings of the rain are beautiful. This morning, as I read them again, my thoughts turned to surprise. The natural can be fun or funny. The created can be beautiful or seeking beauty. When I see dark redundancy from 'masters', I turn for a moment, never losing purpose, when I sense that exploitive engine coughing its last, I look to the time when the living can be. The 'thought out-implied surprise to a culture or direction is seldom welcome and many times destructive. The natural rain is worth beholding. Your interpretation and writing is a welcome pleasure in our home. Peace Tony

  6. I like the idea of a stampede storm. It doesn't take much to spook the horses into a panic.

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