Flying Tigers, 1941

The tiger was weary.  All night it had been on the prowl, weaving past the wolves, dogs, bulls, lions and bears that lived in star-like reticence in the black sky.  It forded rivers that spanned galaxies, startling the sleeping dragons whose scales glittered like the brilliants in heaven's parure. 

It had stumbled once or twice, knocking some stars loose from the plush firmament.  Some fell, causing considerable excitement on a planet many light years away.  But some stuck fast in the tiger's hazy bones, a promise of the starry silhouette that was to come.  The tiger tried to shake itself free of the sparkling irritants but was unable to – its cloudy body merely changed shape across the twilight sky.

But now the air was changing color.  Threads of lavender, amber, sapphire and gold glimmered in the vast fabric.  Running from the iridescent light, the tiger found a cloud and wrapped itself in a bed of fog and rain.

For a brief time the tiger slept soundly.  Unfortunately, it snored a little, bending the air currents into angles that the smaller birds found hard to navigate.  Suddently it was awake.  There was a noice – incessant, droning, loud and endless.  The tiger looked:  beneath it, smelling of oil and dirt, was a flock of steel crosses.  It raised a cumulus-swathed claw to bat away the annoyances, but stopped.  On the sides of these metallic bodies were inanimate red jaws and white, arched teeth. 

This was a confusing sight, yes – but familiar too.  So the tiger, out of consideration for these shrill relatives, pulled back its thunderous paw.

And the tiger went back to sleep, to dream of lingering adventures in silent, peaceful skies.

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8 responses to “Flying Tigers, 1941

  1. Lovely. I'm used to reading about the beastly side of humans but this reminds me of beasts (even mechanical beasts) that cooperate in such a way that a good military would. A nice surprise.

  2. Boyfriend and I were watching the Military Channel, and we had found a program about the Flying Tiger squadron. I had this image in my head – not of painted planes, but of actual tigers in the sky, snarling, with paws extended. Surely, I thought, there was a way to merge the two?

  3. Your imagination and ability to weave a story are top-notch.

  4. Beautiful on the presentation and the visuals. Art complimenting art. I have very little to say on war. I will say if the Flying Tiger Aircraft the P-47 had been in Europe-the B-17's would have had escorts into bomibing runs and out. They had a large fuel capacity. An esoteric on the Flying Tigers. They formed and were the charter members of the now notorious 'Hells Angels'. Known as one per centers-100th of the populace was free enough to understand that view and implement it. Now it is a little different from some of what I have seen. Peace Tony

  5. Comments are short. One other thing. Your view of the 'all' appears to be enlightened. This is what I seek. As so many before me. If mankind is to survive so many more to come. The understanding. The bridge between that neverending circle and this world we live in. Other mammals do not speak. We as humans are gifted. There is an essence between the created and flow. I seek that path. Always.

  6. Wonderful. To blend the savagery of humans with the grace and naturalness of the animal kingdom. Their savagery is their nature and so is ours, but we need to fight against it. We have choices.

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