The Finest Kill I Have Ever Seen

It was not a true one.  The blood was not thick and full of escaping life.  The body did not remain on the ground, finite and still.  It was not a real death.  Yet it was the finest kill I have ever seen.

I saw it in a movie.  Now, I don't discuss movies very oftten.  But this act of destruction was so unexpected, so grand, so sweeping, so shrouded in unanticipated grace, oh and by the way, so deserving, that I applaud it ever time I see it, which I do often.

The name of the movie is 'The Brotherhood of the Wolf', ('Le Pacte des Loups').  Any attempt to describe the plot would, I fear, induce a chain of seizures in either speaker of listener, so I will refrain.  Suffice it to say, it is an irresponsible combination of lust, violence, fear and elegance.  It is a horrible, beautiful painting.

Now – this thrilling kill.  It came at the end of the film.  A woman, a howling gypsy – earthy and snarling with a feral femininity – is finally on the run, after making a complete annoyance of herself for almost two hours.  And it looks like she is going to escape.  What a bother!

Until she is stopped by another woman.  This woman is the most exclusive, most artistic, most dramatic of ladies.  She is a mystic.  She is dangerous.  She is also an employee of a most inspired brothel – structured like a decadent, naughty poem.  She knows the landscape of darkness as well as that of light.  She is not to be trifled with.

Oh, and did I mention that this all took place during the 18th century?  Wow!

Anyway, both women face each other.  The first pulls a dagger from her filthy corset and brandishes it, sneering like a wolf.  Suddenly she staggers back, with several slim, red stripes running across her throat.  The divine whore stands still, and then slowly folds the dark, lace leaves of her fan.  Each rib of the fan is a black stiletto knife, delicately tipped with her opponent's blood.

And that, my friends, was the finest kill I have ever seen.


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10 responses to “The Finest Kill I Have Ever Seen

  1. wow very scary indeed.

  2. Wow – sounds good. I will say that I will add this to the films I must see, but the reality is that I hardly ever leave the DVD shop with anything but 'Hello Kitty'.

  3. That's a pretty fancy way to kill someone.

  4. I LOVE this movie. Saw it in the theater when it came out and have the DVD, but it shocks me that it never really took off. I mean, come on: Monica Bellucci is supposed the most beautiful woman in the world, and Mark Dascasos is on Dancing With the Stars! 🙂

  5. Le Pacte des Loups is one my favorite movies. Also one of my guilty pleasures: whenever I've shown it to friends, they all groan and roll their eyes and say things like, "I can't believe you'd even watch this movie!" or "This is from the country that thinks Jerry Lewis is a genius." But this movie is so marvelously gothic, and a refreshing break from vampire films. And who knew werewolves could be so beautiful?

  6. I have never seen this movie, but it's on my must-see list now. I literally held my breath the whole time as I was reading. I'm totally intrigued.

  7. SweetMisery – But I think the beauty far outweighs the scariness!
    Jando – Please do see this; and besides, kitties and wolves I know at one time ran together.
    Valerae – Is there any other way?
    MMB – It's beautiful and bizarre and kicks all kind of Xena-Warrior-Princess-Would-Approve ass. When I saw Monica wearing those shoulder-length earrings in the church I nearly passed out.
    Hangaku Gozen – My jaw scrapes the ground at the end of each scene. The dialogue too is both sacred and profane…what a movie!
    Singing Horse – Yes, please see this movie. Just prepare yourself, that's all I'm saying!

  8. My God, Aubrey, that scene you described positively drips with femme fatale-ness. Just beautiful.

  9. Ooo, this sounds very cool!

  10. Whilst thinking back on my fondest kills, I can only come up with some of the awesome gory deaths in "Sleepy Hollow", and "Sweeney Todd". All accompanied by the slightly out of it, glazed and darling face of Johnny Depp. Hence my fond memories, no doubt. Kill Bill had another favorite, when The Bride kills O-ren Ishii.

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