There is a nationally syndicated radio show called 'Coast-to-Coast':  its subject matter is extensive and hard to believe:  the paranormal, cryptozoology, UFO's, conspiracies, wicca, black and white witchery, etc.  I find its sincere loopiness comforting and will sometimes listen to it.

Once or twice, during one of our more spectacular droughts, the announcer will lead his listenership – which is vast – in a type of 'prayer' for rain.  I had always thought it was a sweet idea.

So.  You might have heard that it's a little warm here in Southern California.  Humidity is slightly higher than that of a slice of cardboard.  And it's a little crisp. 

I can look out my window here at work and see a bank of brown smoke which is from a wildfire that has doubled in size overnight.  It is just a couple mountain ridges away.  Boyfriend's aunt and uncle live in the midst of it and have had to evacuate.  They are now waiting at the local high school; waiting to see if their home has been saved.

We have been told, in essence, that if we can avoid breathing, do so.  I'm ashamed to say that I have been doing so, and therefore have ingested some of the ashes of the Angeles Forest.

So I have an idea.  I'm not a praying girl, but I thought maybe I could get some of my handsome neighbors to give us a thought or two?   Something like, 'Hmmm…I really think there's been enough burn and heat out there.  So cut it out.", or 'Has a fire ever sponstaneously stopped?"  If there was a concerted effort of thought, maybe something could be done to help the firefighters, to end this wretched hotness.

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33 responses to “Hotness

  1. I'll do what I can. So sorry to hear about Boyfriend's family members!Best wishes and wet thoughts (but not in a dirty way) for everyone.

  2. I'm not the praying type but I can certainly send many damp thoughts westwards.

  3. OMG I was thinking of you and Steve today after reading about the wildfires, are you okay?? Please stay safe! I will find a blessing to send you, Aubrey.
    When J and I go away (leaving our cats at home with a sitter) we place a dragon at a window in each room. If I don't have enough dragon figures, I draw one. Dragons are good for protection.
    Coast to Coast, I heard that once, had totally forgotten about it. Thank you for reminding me, it was absolutely brilliant and creepy.

  4. I too am sorry to hear about the boyfriend's family. I can send cooling thoughts but dunno whether they'll help – though they won't hurt. Not to rain on your parade – pun intended – I spent a good chunk of childhood in So. Cal. and nothing has changed; it's the nature of the beast. I remember those Santa Anas and standing on the hill overlooking a smoke-filled basin, viewing flames and wondering whether we'd receive the call to evacuate. Those firefighters have their work cut out and here's hoping everyone stays safe. As for Coast to Coast, know it well as a longtime listener. (I've even tried to call in on occasions, have never made it tho.)

  5. I'm not the praying type, either, but am sending concentrated rain vibes.
    I hope you are safe, and your boyfriend's family's home will be spared.

  6. Right now I am wishing that the fire move towards and concentrate itself around the nearest Wal-Mart. I am not heartless, though. I am also hoping that all the shoppers and employees have enough time to flee to safety.

  7. Ending the fire with the power of my mind now… No, wait, now… Umm… Now…

  8. I wish there was some way to lure Hurricane Jimena up towards the LA area. I will think about water and rain as much as I can (and now to the loo…). Hang in there and stay safe!

  9. 1. Awesome thought. I like it. Thinking cooling and fire-retardant thoughts now.
    2. My dad (much to my dismay) is an avid fan of Coast-to-Coast. He is rather a conspiracy theorist, is my father.

  10. Just as long as Jimena vacates San Diego by Friday and moves on up to LA. I'm not going to the beach to sit in the rain!

  11. I am a praying person and will add you and your environs to my list (my prayers are sometimes like a member of the Drones Club writing a letter to the Times: "Dear Sir, I draw your attention to the matter at hand. Sincerely, Beanie Crumpet" but for you I will add modifiers like "horrible" and "frightening" and may even reach to an adverb).
    Seriously, stay safe, you and yours!

  12. sending cool, wet thoughts down to SoCal from NorCal for your people and everyone else down that way.

  13. I was thinking of you just now, watching the news…please stay safe! My cousin lives in Eagle Rock, they are ok for now.

  14. your timing is pretty bad. supposed to hit baja ca on Tues or Wed and cool us down around Friday. But, at worst, it will be cloudy.Howze come I didn't hear about this SD trip? I'd have driven down to meet you!!

  15. i'm hoping both of the baja storms ("Kevin" is coming in from the west) are gonna help us out… though just enough to put out the fires, not enough to cause mudslides!are you getting smoke over there? i was in LA at night and couldn't tell. it's pretty clear here in LB and the OC – looks like everything is staying far N and W of us.

  16. AmyH – Have just heard that Boyfriend's aunt and uncle have returned to their unscathed home – keep up with the wetness!
    Emjay – Thank you – I think I felt a cool breeze this evening: well done!
    Ellie – I used to draw dragons relentlessly – I must dig them up; thank you for your good wishes.
    Waterbaby – Frankly, I don't think any progress will be made until the winds shift and the fires start return to already burnt ground; they will burn themselves out. Right now, 5% containment.
    home body – "Rain vibes" is that a type of musical instrument? It's what we need to hear!
    M—–l – I like it. You don't think there will be any employers who will stay, refuse to leave their jobs? Maybe get the hoses out and hose down the cash registers?
    Doug – C'mon use your mind. We need all the help we can get.
    MMB – Hurricanes, toilets – it's all good!
    rpennefe – Thank you – Boyfriend will throw a conspiracy theory my way every now and then, too.
    Peg o'T – Thank you, dearest – I've always wanted to be modified!
    Patty – Hi and thanks! I love N. California just on general purposes – if I can take a little of your coolness, I would love you even more!
    BA – Eeek – I hope your cousin's OK; the fire seems to be heading towards Mt. Wilson; goodness knows what the morning will show.
    LeendaDLL – I'm seeing lots of smoke in the near distance; when I was in the San Fernando Valley this past weekend, I saw vast plumes of white smoke. I walked to the market today, and when I got home, I was coughing: the air hasn't done that to me in years.

  17. Hooray for the triumphant return to an unscathed home!
    As it used to work for us (or against us) at summer camp, I am singing a rousing chorus of the Appleseed grace. (It never failed to rain after we sang this grace before dinner.)

  18. It's a friend's 40th birthday party so we're on her schedule. I'm PM you with some info just in case you can make it out. Now the plans are a bit fluid for Saturday night so it's hard to say what's going on.

  19. There was a thimbleful of 'unexpected' rain last night, the humidity has risen, and it was a much cooler walk to work today. People will theorize about this and that…
    But I'm just sayin'.

  20. Best wishes to you all!Art Bell used to host that, on from midnight to 6 AM. I'd listen to the last hour when I was driving to work 🙂

  21. you have my thoughts all the time. it's a horrible thing and i follow it on the news over here. stay safe, aubrey.

  22. So good to hear about your aunt and uncle's home. I hope many more homes are spared.

  23. Aubrey, you've been in my thoughts when I read about the fires in the news. Very scary situation. Sounds like Mother Nature needs a cold shower. Be careful. Best wishes always.

  24. Looks like a hot day today, but better for the rest of the week, and the humidity is down. I hope that helps. ::hugs::

  25. Humidity has been way up, with temperatures a little down – and all since I posted this (George Noory on Coast-to-Coast apparently also had a rain-prayer on his show, too) So as moist and hot and awful as it's been down here, I have to keep in mind that it's helping the firefighters up in the hills.Yes, some relief is coming! It's even a couple of degrees down today.

  26. It's good if you can tell the difference. I was just watching TV weather and they mentioned improvements beginning tomorrow. I guess lower humidity doesn't really help the firefighters, but so many people need the relief, as well. Crazy stuff.

  27. I live in San Diego, and it has been HOT here.

  28. sending wet wishes your way

  29. guess LA isn't cool enough :p

    maybe have everyone stay at home and don't drive for one day. i think that would help.

    good luck 🙂

  30. So glad things are cooling down! Good job, Voxites! 😀

  31. Oh, dear, my most sincere apologies for missing the call to prayer. Hopefully you don't need my remedy any more.Once upon a time, there was a long, terrible draught in a poor Indian village. The crops all died and the animals were thirsty. The king called a priest, who suggested that the king marry a frog and a…female frog, to please the rain Gods. Much hilarity ensued, ending with two very confused frogs and dark rain clouds on the horizon.If things are still warm, just say the word. I've got my eye on the perfect guy.

  32. I love your story – it pleases me very much.
    And I have to say, that it's still a trifle heated, with the temperatures going up a degree or two this weekend. The fire is now arson, and, oh, there is much to figure out.
    I just might have to call on that handsome little frog – if he's finished lapping up those fishes!

  33. Ah well, this won't be too much of a sacrifice..he is quite handsome, isn't he? *Goes in search of the bridegroom*

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