A Cocktail

I love my parents.

I love Las Vegas.

I love Mad Men

I think that the three of these things would make a sharp, shuddering, utterly adult cocktail.

These are my parents, at the Sahara Hotel, 7/27/64.  I visualize Don Draper approaching them with tickets to the midnight Sinatra show.

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16 responses to “A Cocktail

  1. That is a fabulous photo. Have fun recreating it on your next Vegas trip.

  2. Your parents were a very dapper couple. Your mother is gorgeous.

  3. They're a stunning couple.

  4. And their daughter is just as classy 🙂

  5. Your parents are adorable!

  6. everytime you post a picture of your mom I renew my astonishment that she was not a *movie star*. and that your dad wasn't actually in the Brat Pack. what a gorgeous, fun couple they are. and you have inherited their fabulousness.

  7. Your parents look gorgeous! I love Mad Man too!

  8. fox – there was a time when I could recreate it down to the dress; mother kept it for the longest time: it was apricot colored. Wait. Strike that. It never fit.
    emjay – thank you! your comment will be noted and relayed back to mother, immediately!
    JP – mother always thought dad looked drunk in these pictures; but I'm going to agree with you and go with 'stunning'.
    MMB – thanks!!
    Ms. Pants – I'm going to have to come up with a way to frame the original; Vegas during the 'cocktail years' is long gone.
    Kitty – love the Mad Men avatar!
    mariser – you are too kind, of course; mother was asked about her star status many times; and dad met Sammy Davis Jr. when he was video-taping shows in Vegas.
    Lucy – It's about time for me to purchase MM Season 2; I was hoping for the price to go down, but I do have my priorities…

  9. I have to ask: What does the brother of Aubrey look like? Is he as dashing as Papa G?

  10. Ooh..so thats where you get it from. Your parents are gorgeous!

  11. Brother? Brother is taller than my dad (barely 6 ft.). Brother is about 6'3", with dark hair and eyes (though he used to put in blonde streaks…but that was just a phase). He took my dad's Italianate good looks; I'm more of a mix.

  12. love the expression on the dad's face. and the "atmosphere" — a journey back in time.

  13. Great photo, almost glowing gold! Lovely couple. If only we had a time machine!

  14. This is fantastic – so glamorous!!
    I too am waiting to buy Mad Men Season 2 – living, as I do, in one of the colonies that the modern world oft forgets, it's not released here until the 19th of August… I'm torn between ordering it in $US and waiting on the shipping or just pre-ordering here.

  15. What a great photo. Did they have Sea Breezes then and there, or was that more of an East Coast thing?

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