The Closed Door

The neighborhood where I work is an assertive one – a person cannot walk through it unknowing, for it dares to prey on the imagination.  Vines leap over walls like sleek, chlorophyll-ridden animals.  Stone fountains, small imitations of ancient indulgence, stand behind black gates.  Flowers embrace homes in a blooming grip, their discarded petals turning the sidewalk into a slowly dying tapestry.  The fragrance of growing things, of distant acres, colors the breezes.

Taking all of this into consideration, it is no wonder why I don't mind walking through this fancied countryside.  I always take my time, observing the shapes and colors that surround me, varied and charming.  Nature's creativity extends before me like a map, guiding me into a foray on her wit and vision.

Last week, when I traveled down this path, I saw something that I swear I had never seen before.

It was a door, closed and inscrutable, and unexpectedly blue.  For some reason, it pleased me.  It might have been the color:  it was not garish or unprincipled; it was not an invasion of this flourishing country.  It might have been the vines that surrounded the doorway, green palms facing outward as if they were introducing me to this cerulean entrance.

I wondered what was beyond it.  A depthless garden, its shadows dark and twilight, lined with starry flowers?  Indigo streams, lined with silver reeds that swept and glistened like a satin dess?  Pebbles from the ocean, in maritime hues, tinted by fogs and watery horizons?  Or landscapes of Renaissance sfumato, melting into a turquoise dusk?

I looked and wondered, until the thoughts and phantoms became unendurable.  So I continued walking, leaving behind the door with its locked, azure secrets.

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20 responses to “The Closed Door

  1. it's truly tempting!i wanted to paint all of my security gates, and some of my backyard that color – a temporary getaway to Greece – but it probably won't happen.

  2. I am lusting after houses I cannot afford at the moment. A door like that and the flagstones beneath it would be on my check-list – I can just imagine their coolness on bare feet early on a summer morning.

  3. One must simply return and test the knob! We must simply know what lies on the other side, even if only, eventually, in the imagination. Incidentally, y father's and stepmother's house is similar in color, even the porch, and the front door, at his insistence, is blue (more a shade of tourquoise than the door presented here).

  4. What a beautiful door!

  5. On the other side of the door is a small table, and a bottle with the words "drink me." Go on, you know you want to.

  6. How perfect! Doors fascinate me, especially those surrounded by vines. Chlorophyll ridden animals climbing up the wall? I'll never look at a vine the same way again.Love what Doug said.

  7. This must be a magic door! Everything about it suggests that this is so… love the vine.Thank You for taking us on your walk with you, this neighborhood sounds so lovely.

  8. Gorgeous colour – everything about this doorway is inviting. I imagine lovely cane furniture, Doug's bottle of wine and platters of divine temptations.

  9. how enchanting. I'm going to make it be about four feet tall and lead to a hobbit house.

  10. I also love the allure of a beautiful closed door. Thanks as always for sharing your world with us!

  11. What a delightful door, and beautiful story of your walk and wondering.

  12. That is a damn fine looking door….and I love how you made what is possibly behind it even more fine.

  13. what a beautiful door. And good on you for taking the time to notice and conveying it so beautifully to the rest of us.

  14. Amazing – I could get lost in the constellations reading this! I like the asymmetry of the door via the vine – it's like the shape of a temptress.

  15. I'm so curious about where you live! This is so gorgeous! I want to know if you're describing a real country, or an imaginary one.

  16. Leenda – a backyard the color of the Aegean sea? Why not?
    Jando – in a couple of months, one AM I will walk to the door in my bare feet, feeling the flagstones' coolness, just for you.
    Suga – and I never noticed it before! Honest!
    Doug – you want me to break down that door, don't you.
    Purplesque – I think that the vines' curves are positively rhythmic.
    six-string gypsy – do you see the light shining beneath it? What is behind there?
    Emjay – what a perfect scenario. And the furniture painted in the subtlest of blue shades, in powders and pastels.
    mariser – exactly. Make of it whatever you want! One would have to crawl through, of course – unless, that is, some of my neighbors actually are hobbits.
    AmyH – yes…seductive, secretive and stubborn!
    homebody – thanks; I can't believe my walks are so interesting, yet there is always something to be noticed!
    DKN – OK, I'll say it: 'Ignorance Is Bliss'. It was painfully obvious.
    Mdme. Firefly – I always stop and look. For that reason, any chore I go out on takes me twice as long as it would for any other person.
    Ellie – 'the shape of a temptress' – lovely! There is something absolutely feminine about that vine.
    writebrained – I saw this door during a walk I took, at lunchtime. I work in a 1940's apartment building, in West Hollywood. It's a real neighborhood, but the look of it makes one think, and imagine.
    Vivi – hello! Thanks – with the door's color and shape, and the way it was so absolutely Locked…it was just too hard to ignore.

  17. What a Lovely door!!! It would temp me too

  18. Beautiful, Aubrey!! Thank you!

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