A Letter To Mother

There was a time when letters to your parents were school assignments, and we set about them with a mixture of guilt, embarrassment and obligation.  From the mists of forgotten responsibility and sleeping conscience, here is a letter that I wrote:

May 12, 1967

Dear Mother,

I have been waiting for a whole year to thank you for all your consideration and thoughtfulness.  You always remind me if I am selfish and that saves me a lot of trouble!  Whenever I shout at you I didn't really mean it, I just lose my temper.  So Happy Mother's Day!

Your daughter, Melinda

I was ten, and apparently an irritable child.  Shame on me.

It is many years later, and I am still guilty, embarrassed and under a deep, heavy, overpowering obligation.

So here is another letter:

Dear Mother,

Another year has passed, and it has left me with a list of things that you have done for me that trails around my feet like a magician's template.  I didn't think it was possible that one person could dedicate so much of her life to such an undeserving person.  I didn't think it was possible that such a lovely and witty woman could still be patient enough to listen to me, to watch me, to comfort me, to compliment me.  It takes a very great, remarkable heart.

I love you.

So Happy Mother's Day!

Your daughter, Melinda 

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21 responses to “A Letter To Mother

  1. Your expression with words improved in the years. 😉 I can't imagine having a lovely and loving relationship with the mother, this then is rather touching.

  2. Thats lovely.
    You always remind me if I am selfish and that saves me a lot of trouble!
    Thats hilarious

  3. I thought the first one said "I just love my temper" – which seemed very insightful for however young you were!

  4. And beautiful penmanship too!

  5. I think both your letters are wonderful treasures for your mother.

  6. These are wonderful – both of them are age appropriate! 🙂

  7. Delightful, innocent, sweet. I'm sure you deserve every ounce of patience and adoration your mom showers on you, Aubrey. And that you return it in kind.

  8. I don't normally tell people when I nominate them but I nominated this for a Life is Good. You're only the 2nd person I've told cos I wanted you to know I really appreciate this.My relationship with The Duchess is pretty complicated…It's… "ce qu'il pique" that you chose to write that at an early age. I mean what you wrote. I don't have a good word for it right now. It stabs or stings (the heart) is too strong of a connotation but in the French sense of using the term it would make sense.

  9. At once funny, cute and heartwarming, and oh so very Aubrey! 🙂
    Happy Mother's Day to Mrs. Aubrey's Mom!

  10. Oh, that's just the best. I wish I could write to my mother that way.

  11. I hope my mother kept all of the handmade Mother's Day cards I made for her, even though some of them probably were pretty lame and pasted together at the last minute in a spate of guilt. But your letters to your mom are priceless. She probably thought you were darling, not irritable. Happy Mother's Day to you, Aubrey!

  12. so thoughtful – mothers are wonderful aren't they ; )

  13. [this is well done]Here's a quote in reply to your second letter:Orlando: "If I were a man…"

    Shelmerdine: "You?"

    Orlando: "I
    might choose not to risk my life for an uncertain cause. I might think
    that freedom won by death is not worth having. In fact…"

    Shelmerdine: "You might choose not to be a real man at all…. …Say, if I were a woman…"

    Orlando: "You?"

    Shelmerdine: "I
    might choose not to sacrifice my life caring for my children, nor my
    children's children, nor to drown anonymously in the milk of female
    kindness, but instead, say, to go abroad. Would I then be…"

    Orlando: "A real woman?"

  14. Great idea giving a letter for Mother's Day. I kept all the old letters given to me by my sister, aunt etc and to this day they mean lots.

  15. heartwarming! 🙂

  16. After I read this, I scurried off to write my own Mother's Day letter.

  17. These are both great, Aubrey! What a witty child you must have been.

  18. How lovely! I treasure all the little mementos my kids have given me over the years as I am certain your mother treasures these letters. (And they give her a reason to smile?)

  19. Can't believe I missed this. Melinda may have grown up to be a beautiful writer, but little Melinda's cursive warms my heart.

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