Outside My Window

I woke to a clattering of feathers outside my window.  A mad brushing against the glass, a panic of pinions beating furiously, trying to follow the sunlight that blithely shone through the solid transparency.

Silver wings beat against the glass with a delicate fear, feathers extended like clawing fingers.  But this was all I saw.  What had awoken me with its weight of inconsequence, its agitation that was so pitiable, yet so exquisite?

Perhaps it was the heel of Hermes' winged sandals that brushed against my honored window sill.  With a mind full of Greek cartography leading from the clouds to the earth and arms full of Olympian messages, couldn't a god stumble?

Or maybe it was a falcon, weary of fetching for kings.  Shaking off its golden bells and tearing away its leather bands, it flew towards my little window.  Centuries sang through its wings as it sought the fragile haven:  past history and beyond time – now nothing more than mere numbers in the air.  Its grimacing talons bit into the wooden frame that protested with broken paint and splinters.

But what if those frothy wings came from another source?  What if, just beyond my yearning vision, there was an ocean teaming with life and muscle?  With tendons and bone stretched into a mythological quest and diamond hooves sparking against the homely walls, Pegasus had fallen out of the sky. 

The atmosphere around his crystal skin was charged with lightning, and his ivory head was encased in Bellerophon's golden bridle.

It could have been any of these things.  But before I could get out of bed, the frail enigma was gone.  So – fortunately – I will never know what it was.

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12 responses to “Outside My Window

  1. oh, i anticipated with bated breath the revealing of the mystery, the winged source of the sound, only to be left … waiting evermore! not fair, not fair!

  2. Likewise. No sign of what it was, not a feather or a tiny piece of glittering hoof?

  3. ….but I have to know!

  4. Fantastic, Aubrey!!! :)I really love this, these images will be in my mind all day wondering what it was at the window.

  5. Really nice piece.

  6. And did you also draw the pretty-pretty Pegasus?!

  7. You already know what it was, it was winged Mystery.

  8. "Perhaps it was the heel of Hermes' winged sandals that brushed against my honored window sill." Gorgeous.

  9. How lovely, Aubrey!

  10. Shaking off its golden bells and tearing away its leather bands, it flew towards my little window – Beautiful.
    Had I been that winged creature, my message would have been, "Aubrey, Aubrey, write a divine story about me"! (And my wish would have been granted)!

  11. WBaby, Foxette, La Dancer – sadly, Aubrey was too slow and too lazy; the little vision had quite vanished before I had completely opened my eyes.
    6-String – only too pleased that these words could be your companions for the day.
    mad-tante – glad you enjoyed this bit of ethereal whimsy!
    pyrit – oh, I did indeed; years ago.
    morgat – well, you made me think of something else; do you really believe that she brushed by my window?
    Red Pen – thank you! Frankly, I never dreamed that my thoughts would ever take me into the realm of mythology. How do things like that happen?
    wbrosie – thanks; and all from a chance observation…
    Ellie – I could have gone on a completely different tangent there; a falcon, arrayed like royalty, yet tied to its master's arm.

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