A Divine Madness

My father is a member of The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.  He just says he's a member of The Academy, which sounds a little ominous and Mafioso, but no matter, it gets him into things.

When he was working, he had to pass up on screenings, parties, and all manner of quaint and exclusive entertainment events.  Now that he's retired, father can take advantage of such invitations.  Usually he and mother will go.  But Monday night, I took mother's place.  I really had to insist:

For anyone who hasn't seen 'Mad Men', rest assured that you have denied yourself a program that is subtle, tragic, intelligent, funny, wrong-headed, witty and full of more petticoats and sharkskin suits than you can shake a gimlet at.  And you needn't clean up that mess – that's what the help is for, right?  Isn't 1962 great? 

Anyway, the characters are built up and torn down during the early sixties against the backdrop of a Manhattan advertising company, Sterling Cooper.  Monday night there was a screening of the final episode of Season Two, and a panel discussion with the main players.

I brought a change of clothes to work.  When I stepped out, wholly renewed, there was literally an uproar.  Now, for God's sake – don't people dress up anymore?  Besides, didn't I respect my mother's pleas and not wear black gloves?  Didn't anyone realize what I could have worn?  Trust me, I was a portrait of self-restraint.


Anyway, the episode was lovely, with all kinds of understated shocks and explosions.  Season Three begins in August, and that is a terrible, terrible distance of time.  Aubrey is not well acquainted with patience.

Some impressions of the panel:  Matthew Weiner (creator/producer/writer) certainly loved to talk – now god bless him and all, but the others were beginning to look bored.  Vincent Kartheiser yawned, for goodness' sake.

January Jones needs a sandwich, stat.  At first I thought she was living the blonde dream of dim, but I think she was just nervous.  Lack of dairy will do that.

Elizabeth Moss carried her purse onto the stage, which I thought was cute.  It was the equivalent to wearing white gloves to the market, somehow.  I liked her – even though her character needs a bit of sense slapped into her.  So you're an executive.  That's fine.  What about that illegitimate child?  Guilt?  Regret?  Anything?

Jon Hamm…well, Don Draper's morals are often quite reprehensible, but who cares?    

Christina Hendricks is cute, curvy and clever.  Her character might be my favorite.  I love Joan's dangerous  efficiency; her secretarial hubris.

I think John Slattery was content to let the others speak.  Or it could have been that between the moderator and Mr. Weiner, it was hard to get a word in edgewise: so he was satisfied with looking silver-haired and rakish.

There was a reception afterwards.  400 people in the lobby – and a more unappealing crush I've never seen.  We left quickly.

Don't believe I went?  What about these photographs, all blurrred becuase I refused to use a flash since I was afraid it would be considered rude?



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12 responses to “A Divine Madness

  1. I think you look great!! I accidentally came upon Mad Men near the end of the first season (it would occasionally appear on my TiVo). We watched Season 2 and got Season 1 on Netflix. I am hanging out for Season 3 – August seems a very long time away! I am certainly envious of your evening out! 🙂

  2. I love Mad Men. I'm playing catch up here as it passed everyone by the first time around.You lucky girl!

  3. Yay, something fun to watch. Thanks for the suggestion, Aub. And you do look wonderful. The black gloves would have been awesome.

  4. I. Am. So. Jealous. That must have been one heck of a way to spend an evening.

  5. [this is swinging]
    Now if I was the gambling type, I'd wager my sloe gin fizz that Aubrey doesn't even own a t-shirt.
    Loved this. Thank you for taking us along.
    And, you do keep the bar high, Aubrey. This time you raised it again.

  6. The goodfellas do throw a swell party. No, people don't dress up any more. From now on I'm coming here for all my fashion tips, because you look fabulous.

  7. actually, in some circles, dressing in classic style with the hats and gloves and such has returned, you always see that in a certain class in severe recessions/depressions, a way of uplifting in the darkness …

  8. Emjay – wasn't that the happiest of accidents? Season Two is out on DVD on 7/14: time to start suggesting to Certain People that it would make the perfect belated birthday gift!
    Bobblette – even watching that night's episode – which I'd seen twice before – was a thrill, sitting cheek to jowl with other appreciate fans!
    IG – thanks, I needed that. And I do recommend that you catch this if you can (although the ladies do wear fur coats, and I believe a rabbit or two might be represented there…best to shield Indy's eyes)
    Aubrey O. – oh goodness was I thrilled; you shoulda been there!
    pyrit – nope, no t-shirts; well possibly one or two – but only bought because they are rather spectacular. However – No Sneakers.
    Doug – ha! Actually, I was hoping againt hope that someone would show up wearing a kicky velvet beret with a black veil, but no luck.
    WBaby – do you think it's like fighting recession with a regression into a more comfortable, dignified and stylish time? I'd believe it.

  9. Thanks for the recommendation, will definetly check it out now. I also think black gloves would look divine on you. By the way great photos of you, very 1920's (I think so anyway, and am I crazy or is that look getting a revitalization? I'd be all for it).

  10. WBaby – do you think it's like fighting recession with a regression
    into a more comfortable, dignified and stylish time? I'd believe it.It's about feeling better, uplifted, a lil' classy in bad bleak times. Part of our human nature.

  11. Me likee. I bought an awesome Betty/Peggy dress in a vintage shop yesterday. It is brown and pale blue. I am going to get it fixed and wear it to work. Woo!

  12. The first episode of the first season of Mad Men just aired here a few days ago and both my husband and I are hooked. If your dad ever needs another date for a swanky, celebrity-studded event, I'd like to throw my hat into the ring. Though you should warn him that I won't show up looking as elegant as you did.

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