Easter Grows On Trees

Walking to work, I noticed a tree with the most unusual blossoms.  I was camera-less at the time, but made sure I'd remember to bring it with me the next day.  I couldn't risk these pretty flowers wrinkling and fading before I could take their photo home with me.

The next day, a lady was sweeping the porch near this tree.  I asked her permission to take a few photographs.  She explained that a neighbor had decorated tree, but was sure she wouldn't mind.  "She did this for everyone to enjoy."

I decided that more people should say things like that.  And do things like this:



Easter confuses me, so I won't wish you a happy one.  I'll just wish you to be happy.

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11 responses to “Easter Grows On Trees

  1. Thank you for taking the joy and passing it on.

  2. I've never understood Easter either, but I think I'd get some enjoyment out of seeing a decorated tree.

  3. I always suspected that Easter bunnies hatched from eggs that grew in trees. Now I have evidence.

  4. I'd be mad if someone decorated a tree in my yard, but I love Easter. I view it as a time of renewal, a celebration of Spring. I take it in a Christian and a Pagan sense. In many ways it is my favorite holiday, the rising up of the earth. Lucy, who is terribly busy, but not too busy to enjoy the burgeoning of blooms this season

  5. How wonderful. I'm sure kids really enjoy seeing this.

  6. This is wonderful! Some people are really still very giving, though it's rather rare to see nowadays. I wish you joy too, Aubrey!

  7. that is a camera-worthy site for sure!

  8. LOL! Easter confuses me too, so I just accept it as a time to eat chocolate eggs and jellybeans. But this woman had the right idea. More Easter trees!

  9. Nicely spotted – I love this happy time when pastels rule and color is everywhere (of course it's also nice to decorate while we're holding our breath for the thaw when flowers will actually bloom)….and yes Easter confuses me too. Although I do appreciate marshmallow peeps.

  10. Beautiful!Whether we understand Easter, or don't or just think we do…at least we know beauty and joy when we see it!

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