What Were They Thinking?

This occurred some time ago, but I didn't mention it to anyone…it was rather unexpected and wonderful, and so I was surely bound to be disappointed.  My disbelief was so sublime, so complete, that I forgot about it for weeks at a time.

Even when I signed the contract, I doubted.  And I still told no one.

And then, yesterday evening, I got the magazine in the mail.

The story might seem familiar

Yes, I pulled it from the Cafe.  I ordered it to go.  Is that cheating?  I wrote it, after all.  I cleaned it up, clothed it in grammar, deleted a bit, added some more, and sent it in.

And it was accepted.  My tiny observations were deemed worthy.

So again I have to ask:  what were they thinking?

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26 responses to “What Were They Thinking?

  1. heck yeah i remember! and 'tis as beautiful now as when it was writ. a most hearty congratulations on its publication. a well-deserved fete it is.

  2. oh yes, i must ask – are there special plans for the magazine? its cover?

  3. Congratulations! What a lovely read, and what a lovely surprise to receive in the mail.

  4. How exciting. And I know just how you feel. I just had one of my pictures published as well and it was pretty cool to open a magazine and see it in there. Just waiting on the cheque to turn up now. Well done!!

  5. They were thinking, "Can we afford to not publish this?"
    Congratulations x

  6. What were they thinking? They were probably thinking: "I'd be a fool to let this go unpublished!"Congratulations. It's great that your wordy-wise ways have got noticed 🙂

  7. Congratulations! That's wonderful news.

  8. Well done Aubrey; one of our own gets the recognition she deserves x

  9. Brava, Aubrey! Your writing is so wonderful, I'm pleased to see it getting out there.

  10. I totally remember! Congrats!!!

  11. Too bad that a mysterious writer named M—–a is taking all the credit.

  12. What are you thinking what are they thinking? They are glad to have found you, I think. Well done, you.

  13. That is so cool. I'm sure you could get almost anything you write published.

  14. [this is beyond good, this is wonderful] They were thinking the same as we've thought all along — you are an immensely talented, uniquely gifted writer. w00t w00t and triple w00t for our Aubs!!! (We knew her when…)

  15. Wow, congratulations! I'm really glad it was published. I say it's about time. 🙂 I hope more is on the way.

  16. They're lucky to have connected with you. It's lovely. Cheers, M'lady.

  17. Congratulations! Richly deserved! I'm so glad the wider world has found our treasure!

  18. Thank you so much for your good wishes, my darling and attractive neighbors. I submitted some more pieces this evening, and even though I attached the wrong cover letter, I feel that I am making definite progress. We shall see.
    WBaby, my copies of the magazine will reside with others that have published my artwork – in the drawer. Parents want to frame their copy, but again, we shall see.
    And M—–l, I've heard of this M—–a; I don't condemn her actions – in fact, I think it's something M—-l Proust would do.

  19. I missed this! Great news, Aubrey, and they are probably still thanking their stars.Congratulations!

  20. Verra verra nice. Since I have a subscription to Lake Effect this year, this is double-exciting! I haven't cracked this issue open yet, but then I didn't know who you were in real life! Now I'm all excited to get home and look at the real thing.(I don't always have a subscription, either, since I subscribe to 4 different magazines every year, rarely the same ones more than a year in a row.)

  21. This is wonderful! Congratulations, aub!

  22. Congratulations! A word-drunk soul like you SHOULD be in print for all to admire. A magazine clever enough to recognize your genius is one to which I need to subscribe.

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