Aubrey Says…

…that it's almost 1AM, pacific standard time.

It's been a long, hard day.

Time to catch some z's.

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11 responses to “Aubrey Says…

  1. how very clever. shall you be counting zebras instead of sheep as you drift into slumber tonight?

  2. That's rather lovely – a chaise longe perhaps?

  3. awwww that's zoooooo cute!
    Besides the dachshundish body proportions, and rabbit-like ears, this is a rather nice zebra, I especially appreciate the accuracy of the mane. I did a zebra in junior high I think (one of those things where you roll black ink on a board and then scratch away your design, I have no idea what that is called) and although mine turned out pretty decent, I like yours better. He's got a lot of charm.

  4. LOL! just call me Queen of the Can't Get The Obvious! (it was pre-coffee)

  5. I would totally catch this Z and take it home.

  6. I like how he looks a bit like a confused unicorn.

  7. This is hypnotizing me right now… I haven't slept well or enough for a month! And the zebra is working. Who would have thought?

  8. Sofa, chaise lounge; a stand-in for a bunny, dachshund, unicorn, sheep; hypnotic, charming, confused, catchable…this little fellow, under a highly yellow sun, certainly has a complex personality!

  9. Really sweet drawing – it has good energy. Good alphabet zebra, for sure.

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