The Teacup Tree

The table was set for innumerable guests, not yet arrived.  It branched with Art Nouveau generosity into many settings.  It was knit with a woodsy abundance that was dainty and dark.  Its fragrance was green and full of possibilities.  It rose into a sky thick with the sun's starry light.

Each place had been marked with a teacup made of petals that were pale and translucent – as gentle as the finest flowers of Dresden and Meissen.  Their colors had modestly stepped from pools of watercolor: plum, amethyst, rose. 

Each cup would hold a subtle recipe steeped in nectar, sugar and dew sparkling with vigor and flavor.  The bright scent would flow irresistibly through the air like golden sand through a clear stream.  Melting and memorable, it flew like an elusive invitation.

I wanted to hold one of the blossoms in my hand, to feel the shape of the petals' porcelain grace.  But I knew how fussy Nature could be, and held back from disturbing what had taken her three seasons to prepare.

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17 responses to “The Teacup Tree

  1. beautiful description of the magnolia!

  2. *inhales deeply from the cups*Aaah!! I am so ready to start my day, now! Beautiful! :DIt makes me smile to think of Aubrey, on the other side of the country, ending her day with this post, and then I begin my day just a few hours later on this end! Thanks, Aubs!

  3. Enjoy your tulip magnolia!

  4. Glorious! I want to step into the photos and words and steep in the fragrance.

  5. A tea party in a tree! With the birds all gossiping to each other, no doubt.

  6. Great pictures! Good job!

  7. once again… loved it!


  8. Thank you for some sunshine today.

  9. "Melting and memorable, it flew like an elusive invitation." How beautiful, that line, and the posting …

  10. Will you be my guest writer every day of the week? 😉
    I think I was reincarnated as a hummingbird during the third paragraph

  11. bold as love/Lucy – thank you for your botanical knowledge; I'm plant-ignorant, and hadn't the faintest notion what I was looking at!
    Lauri – just remember this little rhyme-let: the passage of time/blows my mind. And think: there MUST have been a moment when we were reading this post at the same time! (mind is blown)
    homebody – I don't like summer; but spring is a different matter – the blooms are fresh; and the perfumes and colors are a welcome reminder of nature's enterprise.
    laurie – and pushing each other with their feathered elbows, and swatting away at the hummingbirds!
    paxton – I took these pictures on the run: late for work, standing in the middle of the sidewalk…I had no idea what I had had until I got home and was able to download them!
    Candy – I had walked by this tree every day; it finally occured to me that it looked like a table prepared for a tea party. What took me so long?
    Kate – I generally don't like the sun; but I think I'm getting more tolerant and appreciative of it and the life it encourages. I'm glad I could direct some to you!
    LT – the morning was flooded with sunlight – so I figured that maybe there was just enough for tuxie-boy, Miss HRTortie and Mr. Moo.
    WBaby – that line was a last minute addition. The post looked a little thin, and I needed to add some words; but I couldn't think of a thing. So I just turned my mind off and waited. And that sentence arrived, practically complete.
    Ellie – Ha! I thought of hummingbirds throughout this post too. I can't wait until the birds move in and start their tea party.

  12. How I adore these blossoms. "Each cup would hold a subtle recipe steeped in nectar, sugar and dew sparkling with vigor and flavor." Lovely!

  13. Yes, I rather liked that line as well.

  14. My mom had a pink Magnolia. Down here in Giant Magnolia country they call them tulip trees or parrot magnolias. There is a variety that has deep red veins running the length of the petals. From my bedroom window I am nestled in the middle of a 60 foot giant white and from my floor to ceiling windows I have a view not unlike a treehouse. I love it. I hate the mess it makes on my front walk but it is well worth a few extra sweeps for the dinner plate sized flowers and the brown backed leather green leaves.

  15. So painterly in their colour aren't they? This for me is an egg cup tree.Many years ago I helped to judge an easter egg painting competition. As a thank you I was given a voucher to spend in a garden centre. This was the plant I chose. A magnificent magnolia. Always a favourite – and I love your description. Thank you for sharing.

  16. Is this really blooming in California right now? Is that possible? Even if it isn't, it's a lovely post. Merci, Aubrey ; )

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