The Greedy Dress

It hung in a silken closet, cruel and biting, waiting for her to step into its graceful hell of bones, laces and hooks.

And when she did, it hemmed her in, unwilling to share her architecture of curves with an envious world.  It twisted the pathway of her hips and torso into its own desired journey.  The unyielding prison of fabric pressed and bruised her skin like selfish fingers.  Covetous fashion had made a cruel pattern that claimed ownership and turned the freedom of her body into a hobbled silhouette.

She balked at the restraints of her expensive harness.  But it must love her, she reasoned, because it made her beautiful.  So she was patient, and suffered its petty pinches and iron-clad esteem.  She accepted its grip as it clutched at her waist, making her gasp for air.  She relinquished the individuality of her feminine flesh to the ownership of her greedy dress.

And she was flattered by its attentions as it held her tightly, like a velvet ruffian.

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11 responses to “The Greedy Dress

  1. Were that the greed of U.S. financial institutions, carmakers, mortgage lenders even half this beautiful …

  2. nice one aubrey – wow, she is gorgeous though, beauty sure can be a bitch

  3. Dresses like this are the reason the war on clothing can never be won.

  4. Fantastic, Aubs. "Velvet ruffian" nailed it.

  5. I agree — "velvet ruffian" is a divine image!

  6. wow. fantastic writing… everything captured beautifully (no pun intended.. lol!)

  7. Fabulous find! What a gorgeous woman and dress. and this…She relinquished the individuality of her feminine flesh to the ownership of her greedy dress….is too awesome for words.

  8. I could feel my own chest tightening, my own breaths labored as I read on, I am so glad I have elastic flannel jammies on right now. If I was in some jeans that are a smidge too tight, I would most definitely HAVE to change

  9. I tried a boned corset exactly once and thought my rib cage was breaking. I lasted three minutes. I can't imagine having to wear one daily. That said…wow, what a gorgeous dress.

  10. Perfect. I would do the same in her shoes.

  11. Sharply written! I can't imagine how women let those whale bones and steel hoops constrained their bodies before, especially when they had to eat and drink. I suppose belching was well hidden too. But, it's true, she was a beauty in those constraints at that time.

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