Meet The Tree

This year, my Christmas tree is very splendid.  A botanical beauty, a fine fir, an enviable bevy of needles.  it is lush and shapely, green and bonny.

I first viewed this year's Christmas crop one morning early this month when I was with Boyfriend, shopping at OSH - our chosen after-breakfast shopping spot.  Love those drill bits.  Anyway, I was particularly taken by a precious specimen, barely five feet tall:  perfect for the Aubrey Apartment.  But it was far too early in the month to buy.  So I asked Boyfriend if he could purchase a tree there in a couple of weeks.  He'd bring it over, and we'd set it up.

So, fast forward two weeks later, and Boyfriend arrives with my tree.  But it wasn't my diminutive friend.  Instead, he had hefted over his shoulder a seven foot representitve from Tan 'n Baum, Inc.  It was massive.  It was joyous.  And when it was affixed in its stand it quite took over my living room.

Now, decorating the tree is a personal thing, a totally selfish ceremony.  I buy at least one ornament a year, and I have also inherited several others.  So my collection ranges from vintage baubles of colored glass and glitter…

…to blue-eyed crescent moons…

 …to crimson, sputnik-shaped stars…

…to kissable green fish…

…to silver pinecones encased in silver netting, like tiny petticoats…

…to a bronze leaf dotted with melted gold…

…to a sparkling sea shell dangling by a trail of pearls…

…to a trio of stars in perfect alignment…

…to many others:  peacocks, painted wooden bells, orange chandeliers, angels, deer, pink taffeta Christmas trees, jeeps, raccoons, goldfish and bunches of grapes.

And when every ornament has found its place, and when the tree is suitably weighed down with symbols and memories, I can look on it and think that the holidays are a very fine thing indeed.

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17 responses to “Meet The Tree

  1. and a merry montage that was. are there lights?

  2. Lights…electricity wrapped around a tree…scare me, so no, no lights.
    And as the tree really can't be seen through a window, any light display would go underappreciated.
    I'm glad you like the decorations – I wish I could show you more!

  3. And as the tree really can't be seen through a window, any light display would go underappreciated. — with photos, not by me it wouldn't! lights, and the scent of the tree, are my very favorites of the holiday. if electricity around the tree frightens, then by all means skip them and reserve the fright factor for halloween.

  4. [this is shiny] What fabulous decorations. I like how you have a mixture of old and new ornaments; I imagine each one reminds you of a particular person or time. Have a marvellous sparkly Christmas.

  5. what a lovely tree – have a very happy and tinselly christmas

  6. Tan 'n Baum! Snort! I think bf picked a fine tree, and the decorations are lovely.

  7. Beautiful ornaments, beautiful tree. Have a lovely Christmas, aubrey!

  8. Gorgeous tree Aubrey! The tree should take up the whole room! My father used to cut down ten footers and we'd have to lop off the top and whittle it down for a tree-topper. Merry Xmas and your ornaments are lovely. I have a little scarecrow on my tree that I am very attached to. Lucy

  9. Your tree is beautiful. and I thought I was the only person who was scared about electricity on trees. Although I have put lights on my artificial tree from time to time, I've never put up outdoor lights, because electricity on little wires out in the rain and snow really scares me. A tree without lights can still be bright, and shiny, and beautiful!

  10. It's gorgeous! I love the red ornament, it reminds me of a sea urchin.

  11. beautiful tree! it's so sparkly and colorful even without lights. i especially love the bronze leaf.

  12. Those are really great. I miss the ornaments we collected over the years, but it's nice to realize there are always more out there to find their way home. I think it's a perfect-sized tree to showcase your memories.

  13. I have one in silver, too. They're both close to fifty years old.

  14. merry christmas aubrey – a very sturdy looking tree there

  15. Lovely, Aubrey, & a Merry Christmas to you & Boyfriend!

  16. Merry Christmas Aubrey

  17. You have a wonderful choice of ornaments. They make for a very dazzling tree.

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