All Hallow’s Peeve

A co-worker of mine owns a tiny poodle mix, named Arnaki (Greek for 'lamb', or 'little lamb').  When she misbehaves, she's called Arnaki Souflaki ('cooked/skewered lamb').

I don't know what the Greek translation for 'Arnaki Really Annoyed With Her Owner' is, however.


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9 responses to “All Hallow’s Peeve

  1. Hahahahaha….great shots. Such a cutie. I love the perfect pink folded towel in the little pink chair.

  2. That first one has a level of pissed-offed-ness usually reserved for bunnies. The second one makes me want to apologize and take the doggie out for some sort of make-up park visit. That is not a happy pumpkin. 9-9

  3. LOL!Arnaki pissedoffi. Cute, however! 😀

  4. oh what animals endure for their humans. hope a nice juicy steak waited at the end of that road of humiliation. p.s. love the title!

  5. LOL and clear as day you can read that face
    Pic One I Can Not Believe You Put this THing On me..
    Pic 2 Get it off me already I hate it.
    Pic 3 Sigh…. Stoppey Hoomans and their Stoopy halloween dress up Plans.

  6. Poor Arnaki! If she were a cat there'd be hairballs in bed for sure!

  7. @Peg, hahah. and well there should be!

  8. I sympathize only with the dog.

  9. Un. Zay poodail, eet needs a Fwench name, non? Zay Gweek, weel not do for zees puppay.Du. Zay puppay speet on votre 'alloween.Twa, "stoopy hoomins". LOL Annie!

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