Aubrey Invites You

The table is ready:

The entertainment is ready:

The orchestra is ready:

I am ready:

Everything, in fact, is prepared for the celebration of my second year on Vox.  Now, last year's festivities were a bit wilder, and while understandable, they left me in considerable debt – with litigation, neighbors to appease, various stains to remove, furniture to replace (although it was probably time to get a new refrigerator, I was dour enough to assume that the doorway would be used for its leave-taking, rather than the window) and doctor's/psychiatrist's bills to settle.  My neighborhood, though charming, does tend to get a little feisty when merry with drink.

So this year, we are more sedate.  And you are all invited.  I have many speeches prepared, and I will probably cover topics such as how grateful I am for this little creative marketplace.  I'll mention how happy I am to write my little essays about, oh, a feather I picked up, or the color of sea sand, or the little tragedies carried around in history's pocket.

And then there'll be an intermission.  Chocolates and sherry will be served in the Brocade Boudoir, and under each seat you will find your very own copy of the book that explains it all:

Directly after, I will continue to say what a fine sound my creativity makes as it bounces against the walls of The Cafe Royal – rather than escaping through an open window, or a door left ajar, past my outstretched hand, vanishing forever.  I'll talk about how I value my friends and neighbors.  You have shown great mercy and patience.

And now that you are assembled an Aubrey's Auditorium, I feel doubly honored.  Oh, and down in front, by the way:  you're precious to me, but where are your manners?

I'm very glad to be here.  After all, I need a place to rest – because the imagination never sleeps.

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33 responses to “Aubrey Invites You

  1. *puts down crate of vintage champagne*Hurrah for Aubrey, pip pip hurrah! xxx

  2. Many Happy Returns, Aubrey
    *presents Aubrey with exquisite diamond choker*

  3. wouldn't miss it for the world

  4. That's great! Do we have anymore of the shrimp dip?

  5. Happy Voxiversary, Aubrey. Your Imaginarium is a fine place to spend time.

  6. a many more years of your imagination's escapades.we are so fortunate.

  7. Aubrey, you have not only entertained me with your writing, but been very welcoming to me and others. I've thorougly enjoyed your site and the thoughtful comments you leave for others.Now, please take that lamp-shade off your head. Your a Lady!

  8. yes i've been invited!


  9. Happy Voxiversary to my fellow Aub!

  10. Ohhh, you always nail me with at least one tasty phrase. (weird metaphor, i know.) This time it's "or the little tragedies carried around in history's pocket." I want to be Aubrey when I grow up!This is all gorgeous, by the way, but I did rather enjoy the absynthe cocktail I was handed last year. 😉

  11. As always — you are so exquisite my dear. Happy 2nd Voxiversary Aubrey!&:o)Thank you for inviting me to your lovely party — It is always a joy & honor to be here at your blog.So — here I am —- let the Voxibration begin!

  12. What a lovely and gracious way to celebrate. Congratulations! *curtsies low, and presents her humble offerimg of bright shiny things*

  13. Ms. Bobble – Madame Kate: I will just let you two ladies together to stir up those cocktails. The serving trays are over there (points) and the decorative sprigs of jasmine are just outside, if the dancers haven't trampled all over them.
    (runs out to check)

  14. I'm happy to be included in the celebration.

  15. Jando, Fanny, Morgat: Very nice, very nice – please leave your presents on the gift table located on the mezzinine, please, and quickly. My co-workers have been nice enough to arrange for some photographic coverage, and they should be here shortly.
    And thank you. Shiny (and expensive) is good.

  16. I brought my translucent draperies, I'll just pop off to the back and change…What, you'd rather I didn't?Well, poo.I'll just have a little of the salmon, then, and go bother the band.No requests…Ha.That's what they think now.They're not getting off that easily.DARK STAR!!

  17. Stop with the demands! Doug, there is NO MORE shrimp dip. We're switching to guacamole. Forthwith.
    Lucy, the lampshade suits me (anyway, I think it's stuck).
    lauowolf, put the cigarette lighter down and behave yourself.
    If things start to get out of hand, I might have to consider calling the fire department. Do I have to turn this car around?

  18. Many happy returns. I hope we can dance till dawn.

  19. This car cannot be stopped! I for one will dance til dawn, and my friend Big Jim, the one with the pigeon-egg-sized diamond studs, will be bringing a trunk full of shiny party favors.Excuse me, I think a feather from my boa is caught in my eye.What a lovely party!

  20. *crowns Aubrey's lampshade with a tasteful, yet almost gaudy, diamond and ruby tiara*Pass the champagne, dahlings.

  21. Sawwight…I knoooow what they're playing next.It's like as if I was one, with the band, you know…..

  22. happy voxiversary! Just a warning – Lotus Batcat plans to crash your party. He won't bring any buggies (in fact, he'll keep them away), but I hope you don't mind if he leaves a gift of lilac floof on your evening gown.

  23. Gamba, Peg (um – by the way, I thought you promised to bake me a cake?) and I are preparing to dance the Lobster Quadrille (shoos lauowolf away from the orchestra) – LT, please hold that shiny thought and I (and the wine) will be with you in a moment.
    And LM: I would love it if my hem could be decorated with confiscated lilac floof!

  24. I've thoroughly enjoyed your writings. Keep up the creativity!

  25. [this is divine]Happeh Anniversareh Miz Aubrey. My, my, when your invitation requested the pleasure of my company, you weren't kidding! Tis my pleasure indeed.

  26. and a gala affaire it 'tis, with fine champagne, butter biscuits and the freshest blueberry jam. if all the finery gets too, well fine, i have whiskey in a flask tucked into the inner jacket pocket. and, oh look, a straw! bright pink. it is a party, after all …

  27. Cake.
    Beneath its plain exterior are charms for luck and happiness!

  28. What a delightful gathering!I raise a toast to many more of these evenings.

  29. Happy 2nd anniversary, Aubrey! I feel truly honored and blessed to frequent The Cafe Royal. I hope there will be many many years to come for us to enjoy your beautiful words and share your beautiful mind.

  30. Congrats, Aubrey, I'm so glad you're here!

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