Her Earrings

They hang from her ears like reluctant galaxies, their orbits suspended within a celestial stillness.  Elaborate and Byzantine, they house the creatures of the zodiac and their filigreed symbols.

A gold crescent nods downwards:  a hollow moon holding shards of colored glass, the shrapnel of a prism pierced by Diana's rainbow arrows.  And dangling from their lunar mother are twelve glowing planets.  This tiny constellation wept lustrous tears that came alive in the ambidextrous light:  warmed into lavender and gray on one side, pink and silver on the other.

And when she plucked them from her ears, she set them in a velvet box the color of dusk.  Its satin bed was scented with perfumes of the night flowers:  lily, columbine, jasmine.

But in the morning – when the sun rose in the sky, turning it into a bronze ocean with burning shores – when she opened the box to admire her pretty twilight jewels…they were gone.

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7 responses to “Her Earrings

  1. OH! *gasp* They either rose into the night sky or a wizard took them.

  2. What an attention grabber. I couldn't not read on, seeing this on my front page.

  3. I imagine these dangling from the lobes of a jazz-age beauty, in a dark smoky room full of ragtime music.

  4. gone, vanished into the night, into her ethers …

  5. Delicious. This is how I imagine all jewels to be..

  6. OMG, this is my favorite piece now! (Covering my mouth, I wanted to exhale really heavily but I was afraid I was going to wake up a beautiful goddess from her sweet slumber.) You made my day again!

  7. JP – I think the earrings' image was overpowered by the sunlight, forcing it to fade; when the darkness returns so will they.
    emily – 'ambidextrous' was a word that popped into my head and would not go away until I wrote it down. It had to be part of this story.
    Doug – truthfully, it took me less than 2 hrs. to write this and over 2 DAYS to find the perfect image. I wanted 18th century diamonds, but ladies seemed to want their portraits done wearing their finest pearls. I was considering the '20's, but then I came across this sketch by Carl Feberge, from the turn of the 20th century. Perfect.
    WBaby – we see things under the tyranny of light; they become visible to us according to the dictates of the time of day.
    Purplesque – I have 5 boxes of jewelry – is it surprising? Is it wrong?
    SHorse – thank you! As I write this it's after 1AM and quite dark. She is wearing her newly-found earrings again and is happy.

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