A Heated Argument

I'm not a person to argue openly with the weather.  It's pointless to dispute with someone who holds all the cards.  Especially when those cards are marked with planets and stars, moons that pull the tides in like glowing celestial magnets, horizons to delineate where the sky's rule begins and ends, oceans, continents, and winds that crosshatch the atmosphere like Tenniel's forests.  Especially when a god like Zeus rides at its brow, holding thunderbolts, bowls of rain, and quivers of lightning in the crook of this thick arm.

I just don't want to start a row.  But still…I have to say…it really is too hot.  The heat makes my ankles – never of a Balanchine wispiness – swell.  It makes my hands puffy; and the scar on my left hand is especially visible, a livid reminder.  My face is covered in a thin poultice of powder and sweat.

When I step outside I am immediately cloaked in a solution of thermal heat and humity – rising from the earth, pressed down by the clouds – as if a sweating valet had been waiting, ready to wrap it around me.

All I'm saying is, that if I'm to wear a cloak, I would rather it be my choice to reach for one.

On a day like today, I dream of standing in a downpour of melting crystals; that I am leaving footprints that are cold and deep.  My face is pink and white, my lowered eyes slashes of kohl and charcoal.  I imagine myself swathed in chic, hobbled in Paul Poiret's affectations.

On a day like today I dream that it is winter once more.

Will it be soon?

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9 responses to “A Heated Argument

  1. it will come so soon you will look back and wonder where the summer went : )

  2. Eloquent and beautiful. And yes, it is too damn hot.

  3. I have a western exposure and no A/C. Around 3p, the temp in my living room hit "OL" again… overload… above 95. And that was with all the windows open and fans on. Now, at 10:30, it's still 90 and I don't care that the neighbors and passing cars can see me in my little nightie. If they have the energy to look, good for them, cause I don't have the energy to survive with the curtains closed.

  4. Aubrey you are insane. I'm in the third week of winter here and I can't stand the thought of another two months of it. And it doesn't even get cold here. I mean we have days here where the temperature is 21 degrees – whats that – about 70 farenheit and its winter. I bought a beautiful pink knee length wool coat a few years back and its not ever been cold enough for me to wear it. Bring on summer I say.

  5. Don't ever visit Australia in summer….or Spring, or Autumn or lots of it in winter!

  6. Come on up to Seattle! With the exception of Friday, we've barely been making it into the 60's! In June! It was summery Friday though & might be this weekend as well. It's been so weird to only have maybe half a dozen beautiful days since April. Even for Seattle it's out of whack!

  7. This post, so ardent and sultry, almost, almost mugged me; a blazing sun lover, into believing summer heat is a bad thing and winter is a good thing. Whew. Very pers-pire-uasive.

  8. CCinderella – every time Summer takes its leave I always say, 'don't let the door slam behind you!'
    Sara – it's 77 degrees today, and you know what? Still too damn hot!!
    Leenda – I am sans A/C as well. I have a massive fan by my computer at home droning on and on, so I can barely think. It makes Voxing very difficult! And yes, summer creates a very different relationship with your neighbors. Windows will be open. You will see and hear more. Deal.
    Cat/DFlamingo – I always thought that Australian Winters got briskly cold! It would be tragic to be denied all of your pretty warm things.
    MC2 – I would love to visit you and your erring cats. I've only been to Seattle once: I remember a lovely lunch at Pike's Market. I remember the soothing weather and the green paths.
    pyrit – The Summer has only sweated my appetite for a nice biting winter.
    WBaby – Exactly. And we're only three days into Summer!

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