Of Me And Meme

That buoyant wit, Peg – of Tilling, as well as of 'dubious and questionable memory' – want to know more about me.  She has, in fact tagged me – as if my poor hide wasn't scarred and raddled enough.

I think you'll agree that she has some cheed, asking me these questions.  The nerve of these young people, showing no respect for their elders; not even stopping to think that they just might want to quietly hide their shame, to cloak their misdeeds and erase their base desires.

Oh bother.  So what am I supposed to do?

"Each player ansers the questions about themselves.  At the end of the post, the player then tags 5-6 people and posts their names."

Oh, and for some reason, I prefer to let people know they've been tagged by using my psychic powers.  So keep your minds open and receptive, my friends.

1.  What were you doing ten years ago?
I was working in an advertising agency, as a media secretary.  I had been working there so long that my foibles were accepted willingly, and I never got into trouble for, say slamming the phone so hard that it burst apart, mixing myself a vodka and pineapple juice 'snack' in one of the – deserted – conference roms (how very Mad Men of me), emailing limericks which notified the staff that the new Media Books had arrived, pasting hheadlines from the Weekly World News on the walls of my cubicle.

2.  List five (non-work) things on my to-do list for today.
Please not that the day is done, and the evening is half done, so this list is of a somewhat retiring nature:

Continue reading 'Thunderball'

Make my bed.  It's been unmade since Thursday.  On the other hand, I'm about to crawl back into it…

Lay out my clothes for tomorrow.  This will be a chalalenge, as I would estimate that at this point I can fiat into aboaut 1/4 of what my closet has to offer.  This has not stopped me from ordering a tuna melt and fries for dinner, however.

Watch 2-3 episodes of either 'Monk' or Psych'.  These are such comforting, comfortable programs.

Look into researching some publications that might be interested in my drawings.  If I make a list tonight, I can submit them next week.

3.  Snacks I enjoy:
Nacho or Ranch-flavored Doritos, washed down with a vat of guacamole, or my aunt's 5-layer dip.  Left-over pizza and lasagna.  A wheel of cheese.  Potato salad.  A plate of bacon.  These are all snacks:  stolen moments, secret, furtive, unexpected…you know that you shouldn't, but the clarion call of the calorie cannot be denied.

4.  Things I would do if I were a billionaire:
There is just one thing, really.

I would like to move.  Now, I love my apartment, my cornucopia of everythings old, aged and collected, but I think I would like someplace bigger.

Someplace bright and shiny:

I think I would like to live in the Royal Pavilion.  I appreciate golden dragons curving across the ceiling.  I enjoy concrete latticework.  I love all that is scarlet, plush, filagreed and apt to leave the spectator's jaw hanging open.

I would spend my billions trying to cut a deal with the British government.

5.  Places I have lived:
I was born in Hollywood, and I haven't wandered too far from the birthing place.  Beverly Hills, Whittier, West Los Angeles.  I now live in 'Bevery Hills Adjacent', in a district that was dubbed 'The Miracle Mile' sometime in the 1920's.  No one knows why they did that, which, I think, is part of its charm.

6.  Jobs I have had:
Temp job as a cashier at a Disney souvenir shop (let go after a week).  Secretarial job where I had to page people over a loudspeaker.  Couldn't do it.  Stat typist and then a media secretary at an advertising agency.  Secretary at a PR agency.  Media Coordinator at my current PR agency.

To the following, the bell now tolls for thee:

Fox In The Snow

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11 responses to “Of Me And Meme

  1. nice… i enjoyed reading this!


  2. I suppose the reason you look as you do, and I look as I do, is that I consider all your answers to #3 to be diet staples.I'm happy to know a person, another CA native no less, who's lived even more in "one general area" than me (born in Merced; lived in Anaheim, Fullerton, Cypress and Long Beach).

  3. Haha.
    I think you should be allowed to live in the Royal Pavilion.

  4. I vote for that too.

  5. And me. As long as there was a bloggers' wing.

  6. Whittier?! Well ain't the world small! I lived there for a chunk of time. Not by choice; I was a girl living with my parents. This was before it turned all gangster land. "Temp job as a cashier at a Disney souvenir shop (let go after a week)" {raises eyebrow}

  7. I don't remember Whittier's status when I lived there. I was in my tiny stage back then. Without a doubt, however, I learned to walk and talk in Whittier.
    That temp job was hateful. Money and numbers make me nervous. I was replaced by a relative of one of the owners and I never welcomed nepotism more.

  8. Whittier used to be a good town for raising families. No longer. You were smart to learn to talk and walk there … then walk away. 😉 Yey to nepotism!! (?!?)

  9. Aubrey does not eat Doritos, bacon or potato salad. I refuse such
    obvious lies attempting to fool us into believing for a moment that
    Aubrey is of common ilk.
    Aubrey does too live in the Royal Pavilion. Does too.

    In my receptionist days I used to email office-wide staff reminders in
    limerick form too! Pretty effectively. Now, it is rare to receive a
    straight email from me. I love to zing 'em and wait for the chuckle, or
    a whack on the head.

  10. Re #4 – Random fact I learned when I visited the Royal Pavilion: it actually belongs to the city of Brighton. So you would need to spend your millions convincing the city and not the British government. The story is that Queen Victoria didn't care much for it since there wasn't really enough comfortable space for her kiddoes and there wasn't enough private space around the place (for her tastes). So the city of Brighton offered to buy it and it was sold to them.I think I'm remembering that correctly.

  11. You're right. It was my foolishness that made me forget.
    Brighton is altogether a fine place. It is the site of my future home, it has very fine Georgian architecture, it's near the ocean, and it's Aubrey Beardsley's birthplace.

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