If Birthday Wishes Were Fishes…

…then Aubrey would fry.

But they remain wishes.  I don't foresee them sprouting fins and scales, and I can't imagine myself wearing a chef's hat and an apron that says 'Fry A Little Tenderness'.

So, even though today is my birthday, I will not wish for a cheerful message.

I will not wish for anything. 

I will not wish for a party.  Because I will be working today until 11:30PM at Erotica L.A.  And the only wishing I'll be doing is wishing that the journalist from Panties Weekly will understand why his request for a Press Pass was denied; even though he did promise faithfully to cover the event in the 'Adam and Eve-nts' section.

I wouldn't wish to put undue pressure on anyone who might be considering buying me a gift or any token of their esteem and appreciation.  They have made their feelings plain, and I certainly don't need to be reminded.  I will not wish for anything that was unattainable, unavailable, unobtainable, irresponsible or unsustainable.

Oh, no.

Certainly not.

No…I wouldn't think of it

I will not wish for a cake or any type of festive edibles.  The only cake I intend on seeing is the make-up caking on my face after a very long and tedious work day.  It will surely require a blow-torch to melt off; but then I always wanted to be a brulee.

I will not wish to be younger.  It is the very definition of futility to wish for an impossibility.  It is a waste of strength, and one can channel that energy into so many other jealousies, weaknesses and depressions.  Life is a series of depressions, like the face of the moon.  Enjoy it while you still care enough to be miserable.

I don't, in fact, wish for anything.  I have my family.  I have my friends.  I have Boyfriend, who even now is walking the streets in a muddled panic, only because he hasn't bought my gift yet.  (He doesn't have to know about my non-wish list).

I couldn't ask for anything else.

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39 responses to “If Birthday Wishes Were Fishes…

  1. happy, happy birthday! Pop over to my blog, there might be something there for you (albeit none of the non-wih list items) πŸ™‚

  2. Happy Burpday Aubs!!!

  3. Have a wonderful birthday. I may add those dresses to my own non-wish list, because I most certainly do not covet them. Not at all.

  4. Many Happy Returns Aubrey.
    You always find the best links and pictures.

  5. As they say – if wishes were horses then beggars would ride. Happy Birthday.

  6. Oooh – I LOVE the first one. That golden vintage dress. Beautiful!

  7. Oh my! What lovely linkage of birthday goodies! Happy birthday, Aubrey! Wishing you joyful moments, beautiful things and mountains of tasty cheese.

  8. Well I am going to wish you a happy birthday, a happy day and many more happy days too.

  9. Many sincere wishes for your day, Aubrey!!! Have a good one! I will send you a basket of kittehs….it's all I have to give! :DThe little purse is SOOOOO cute!!! Can we forward that wish to Boyfriend???Once again have a great day!!!

  10. Happy birthday, Aubrey. Last night I posted a bit of bling for you.Thank you, for all your beautiful, precious posts. You are a gem.

  11. i love this post… truly wonderful and what you work at Erotica L.A thats freaking awesome!


  12. Happy birthday Miss Aubrey! Thank you for bringing Elegance and Taste and Culture to our corner of the interwebs!

  13. glorious anniversary, miss gorgeousness! may you eat cake (despite your noble wishlessness)!!

  14. All best birthday wishes to you, Aubrey, woman of style and wonderful wordage.

  15. My birthday's at the end of July and I'm already commanding the various people in my life to buy me presents. (Sometimes I even suggest how the gifts should be wrapped.)
    You are a much more graceful person than I.
    Happy Birthday.

  16. Happy, happy birthday!

  17. May all your wishes and not-wishes come true. Happy birthday!

  18. Hippity Happity, Haubrey!

  19. I love this post. It's so *you*, Aubrey, everything that makes you an elegant, witty, and totally lovable, supremely individual, human being. I wish for you everything you don't. *ahem* Happy Birthday!!!

  20. I hope you have the beautifulest of birthdays! *purrs* from all the Miao Brothers, especially your batcat.

  21. Happy Birthday! Oooh, that lace dress is Gorgeous!!!! πŸ˜€

  22. Happy, happy birthday! I've posted only a few times on Vox although I'm a beta test. Checked in today to hear your words of woe, Ha Ha (they sounded much like the cat in the hat..Compliments..) Bless you .Your boyfriend and you seem to have many friends bidding you well. Have a great day….I'll be back. Peace.

  23. Happy happy birthday!!

    And what is Erotica LA?

  25. [isto Γ© bom]

  26. yay! happy birfday, aubrey! i hope you get everything on your non-wish list and then some πŸ™‚ make it a good one!

  27. Oh, it's a little something that goes like this.

  28. Neat! We had something like that here. On a smaller scale, of course but I heard a good time was had by all.

  29. Have a wonderful Birthday, Aubrey.

  30. I throw my birthday wishes into the ring along with a cool antique purse. virtually real, of course.

  31. Whoo! Hoo! Virtual cake for all!

  32. what a witty post!Happy Birthday

  33. my favorite voxxer, my favorite Mel. πŸ™‚ here's hoping that all the eroticon-goers are nice to you, and your day ends up more fantastic than you could wish for.

  34. Aarrgghhh. I suck. I forgot. Not that you haven't been on my mind. You have. You always are close to my heart. Happy belated.

  35. Happy Bday, belated (on here) – and sorry for not commenting here sooner but this is the 3rd post I've come across that has not appeared in the "MyNeighborhood" view.

  36. Happy birth-week (belated)! That's how we've been celebrating bdays in my family now. We just have no idea what to do for that "special" occasion. So happy birth-week and I hope you'll have a happy year ahead! Certainly, write more beautiful and soulful posts.

  37. I was wishing you a happy birthday everywhere else but here. I hope your day was as glorious as you are.

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