I Crash A Party

Many times Mother and I have had our talks, and there was one particular etiquette-a-tet where she explained to me the rules of civilized behavior.  Two rules which appeared again and again were:  One Never Comes To A Party Late and One Never Comes To A Party Uninvited.

Well, it turns out that last week the well-shod and well-learned emily sears, Retro From The Get-Go, had presented Playgroup Meme #2.  I am late.  I wasn't invited.  But the questions invited thought and I want to play.  I hope Mother will forgive me. 

Answer these five questions, and then pass it on:

What is a physical feature you admire in both men and women, that you find yourself noticing or comparing when out and about?

Who is someone we've heard of who possesses this admirable feature?

If you could "safely" explore an addictive or otherwise unhealthful or unsafe vice/behavior, which one would you choose and why?

In which TV show currently airing would you like to be a regular character?  Describe the character a bit.

If you could be a member of the opposite sex for a day, would you try it out?

#1:  This is difficult, since I prefer a general unprettiness:  the step put wrong which to some would destroy a face, but to me would be its beginning; its center of attraction.  It can be a domineering nose, an overly long mouth, tilted brows, eyes laboring under heavy lids.  Anything that crushes symmetry and places distinction in its place.  In cases like these the nose is usually the culprit.  It never pleases its owner – cosmetic surgeries most often will victimize the nose.

#2:  Alan Rickman has a fine, destructive nose.  But there are others, who perhaps take it a little too far.

#3:  Smoking.  To me, smoking is all about the look, the aesthete physicality:  narrowing my eyes through the scented smoke, letting the smoke through my nostrils in a short burst of annoyance, or letting it languidly emerge from my mouth in curls of clouds.  Letting it droop carelessly from my mouth:  not yet closed, as if I'm considering whether you're worthy to be spoken to. 

It is a grand gesture…oh, let Charles Ryder explain:

"Light one for me, will you?"

"It was the first time in my life that anyone had asked this of me, and as I took the cigarette from my lips and put in in hers, I caught a thin bat's squeak of sexuality, inaudible to any but me."

#4:  Interesting!  Well, maybe I would investigate the strategy of 'destroying from within'.  I would make an appearance on 'The Tudors' – post-Jane Seymour.  I would be Christina of Denmark, one of the princesses under consideration for wife #4.  I would have dimples (she did).  I would be pretty (she was).  And I would repeat her famous comment to Henry's ambassador:  "If I had two heads, one should be at the King of Englalnd's disposal."

#5:  I would like to take that step.  Because I would enjoy going without 'child-bearing hips', even if it were only for a day.  I can't imagine anything more pointless than for me to be naturally widened, in preparation for a fetus to shoot through.  It isn't going to happen.  I'm 50, barren as the Dust Bowl, and the thought of all the extra inches and plumbing that will be put to no use whatsoever is just too ridiculous.

Who wants to be next?  Well anyone can jump in, clearly.  Still, let's make sure that:


Brown Suga' 



play, shall we?

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11 responses to “I Crash A Party

  1. I still have never seen The Tudors. I suppose I'll be able to do the DVDs soon, though.

  2. Yes, the nose holds the face's fate in its hands (and I wonder if those words were ever put in one sentence before).
    Season One of "The Tudors" is already out on DVD – though I would wait till it cheapens a bit (the price, I mean; the series is already there).

  3. Dearest Aubrey, You have surely done these questions justice. How could I compete? I will say though, to quote novelist Lorrie Moore, if I could tolerate a small amphetamine habit I would because I think I would get a lot more writing done. To hell with the liver!

  4. Oh, I will, I will! But, this will take some thought!"the thin bat's squeak of sexuality"….oooo…I like that! ;)Lol @ the "nose holds the face's fate in it's hands"…..my brain is getting a charley horse around that one…but, in a good way!I shall DO dis meme ASAP! And, as Renee said, "To hell with the liver." !!! 😀

  5. Yay, tag some of your friends!

  6. Hi, Emily! I will tag some friends!I just wish that real life and work didn't interfere so much with Vox. I feel that Vox is important. Seriously!!!!!:D

  7. This did start alot of thinking – as all of emily's memes do – but it was entirely worth it; if nothing else, it led me to a truly smashing picture of Lauren Bacall.
    Yes, do play: we shall send this meme into Vox orbit, never resting, viewable by all!

  8. *whispering to Aubrey* In spite of the fact that I just posted about American Idol. URgggggh. Worst "production" ever…but…David Cook…what a sweetheart! 😀

  9. you are 50 and childless but there is still time to take up the art of smoking.

  10. What a delicious post (for lack of a better word). I wonder what you would make of this nose?

  11. Lauri – I am letting my cigarette droop carelessly from my mouth as I consider whether you're worthy to talk to (I kid!)
    Wbaby – There is always time to take up an art – any art.
    Purplesque – Very fine. Very fine indeed. Identification, please!

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