My mother is as dainty as a teacup, as colorful as a tapestry, as rare as an alchemist's recipe for gold, as valuable as…nothing this word holds, voluminous as its pockets may be.

Her delicate profile tempered my features, made my lower lip full, kept my nose from spiting my face.  If I had any aspirations to grace, it was through her.

When she had me, I made the birthing rather difficult, and for that I apologize.  Large shoulders will get stuck, but that's hardly an excuse for a most disconcerting debut.  She loved me unconditionally, and I believed I howled like a monkey in return.

Her style is not the style of comfort or resignation.  Like the person it adorns, it is witty and sophisticated.  And out of gratitude to one who wears it so well, Beauty has decided to stay.  My mother is beautiful.

She battles age on its own terms – any gauntlet it cares to throw down, she picks up and slaps it across its barren face.  The years are pointless, meaningless.  They do not order her around; in fact they are roundly defeated.  Time has not been able to change her, and it retreats in disgust, shaking its hands which have been left inexorably ited.

Our friendship is profound.  We are the best of sisters. 

Many times I've reflected on my spectacular good fortune to have such a companion.  We know each others' thoughts:  they travel side by side, and the drivers – mother and daughter – lean out the windows, waving to each other with happy recognition.

Mom, wishing you a happy Mother's Day barely scratches the surface.  I love you. 

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18 responses to “Gratitude

  1. Aubrey, nothing is ever said so beautifully as when you say it. My eyes have gone a little misty around the edges. I am sure your gracious mother cannot believe how lucky a mother she is.

  2. This is a lovely tribute. (Somehow the word 'lovely" seems to come to mind every time I visit your blog.) The photos are beautiful too! The first one, your mother in profile, is absolutely gorgeous. I also love the one of the two of you together. You look like you're having a wonderful time. Love it.

  3. You mom is so glamerous !!

  4. oh how i love this blog… and your mother is beautiful and very nicely styled… go mom!


  5. i dunno; this mother-daugther relationship, it doesn't seem natural; perhaps it's just me. if it is, beauty be to both of you.

  6. Everyone looked like a movie star back then.
    I think my mums pretty cool as well.

  7. I envy not having had a relationship like yours with my mother and it's so good to see how much you appreciate her.

  8. what a beautiful mama. Wow. She reminds me a bit of Audrey Hepburn. I like how sexy and gutsy she looks. Love the Catalina photo. What a flamboyant and graceful creature.
    You two look lovely. I had a rotten relationship with my mother, who died when I was fourteen. I love seeing when it works between a mother and daughter, so I can take notes on how to love and raise my own little girl, Bridget.

  9. Beautiful. She must be so proud of you. πŸ™‚

  10. sniffleThis is Beautiful!

  11. What an exquisitely worded tribute to an exquisitely beautiful woman. From an exquisitely beautiful daughter.
    Can you tell I'm out of words?

  12. fabulous photographs & your mom is the hippest!

  13. Your mother is still beautiful.

  14. Simply and elegantly put, dear Aubrey. Your mother was a good teacher of charm and beauty, possessing much, with enough to spare.

  15. What a wonderful homage, Aubrey. Well done!

  16. Wonderful wonderful!!! You know, I have a huge smile pasted on ma mug right now, because I feel the same way about my daughter and my relationship. Fortunate is only the smallest part of how I feel about that! πŸ™‚

  17. Our friendship is profound. We are the best of sisters. That's so beautiful. I'm really blessed to have that with my mother too.Lovely photos!

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