The Nests Of Honor

Boyfriend's garage has suddenly become a nursery.  Three children are blinking at the world from the safety and warmth of their mother's sides.

There are two families.  Their homes are ramshackle and the real estate they've chosen is not of the finest.  However, only a handful of twigs are necessary to house little beating hearts and comforting feathers.

The doves are back.

We believe that Ms. Dove from last year has returned to her former site.  Her furnishings are just as opulent.  She has given to the trees and to the sky, one baby:

It's on the small side, as you can see.  But as you can also see, Ms. Dove is especially concerned and delicate in her ministrations:  a soft ruff of cloudy lavender feathers rest protectively over the little one.

Now, in addition to this pretty friend, a new one has moved in.  Ms. Dove #2 lives further back in the garage.  She chose a bed of coiled tubing and not much else to raise her family.  Comfort was clearly not an option.  Rather, a safe and dark hiding place to rest motionless, waiting for the stirring and cracking of her eggs.

She has two fine, healthy babies – twin images foretelling a benign, gentle adulthood.  On the day that I took this photo, it was nearly 100 degrees, and as there wasn't much cool air circulating that far back in the garage Mother took a powder, leaving her children silent and staring.

Since then, they have ventured out of the nest, stretching their new wings, wondering at the breeze filtering through the pinions.  They'll be gone in a couple of days.

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10 responses to “The Nests Of Honor

  1. Here those doves are called parasites of the sky (maybe there as well). The way they breed in my yard I'm not surprised. I watch them from my desk and you'd be hard pressed to find a more dedicated pair of parents. They work very well as a team. But I've got to say sometimes I can't stand those baby birds. They are so damn demanding. Always squawking for food. As soon as one of the parents lands with food the babies are in there shoving their beaks down their throats. I can't stand all that neediness!

  2. I love doves. Almost as much as wood pigeons.

  3. Oh my – those photos are brilliant. Ms Dove is so much nicer than scraggly London pigeons.

  4. Look at those honkin' babeh beaks! Talk about an awkward stage!

  5. Ms. Dove back on the rake.Our spring is complete.

  6. Cat – People here call pigeons 'flying rats', but mourning doves are pretty much admired. They are dedicated mongomous parents, too…yes, very dedicated! And I don't know if it's just our crew, but they are perfectly silent!
    Gamba – I looked up wood pigeons, and they seem an exact combination of pigeon and dove – rather sweet.
    Fox – Thanks! For some reason, they let me and my camera get up very close.
    ngazer – They are such a calming influence!
    DKN – When the babies are growing up, no stage lasts for very long, so hopefully their awkwardness has passed, and they've grown into their beaks.
    Alex – Aren't they sweet? They're getting so big, poor Mom barely has an inch to rest on.
    LT – We're here to help, after all.

  7. Delightful. I'd always hoped that birds would come nest with us; the pigeon coots in the family workshop gave me great pleasure. It is good to remember those times vicariously.

  8. I ♥ the doves we get them too and I love their lilting gentle cooing. excellent photos Aubrey.

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