When Cute Attacks

When cute attacks, a small and rapid shadow, no one is safe.

When cute attacks, running across hardwood floors, floating into a Tokyo Drift as it tries to navigate a corner, work does not get done.  When cute attacks, it takes possession.

When cute attacks, part poodle, part Chihuahua, four months old, desks are suddenly vacant – attention is elsewhere.

When cute attacks, with  its tiny body and soup plate paws, its throat engulfed by a well meaning flea collar, everyone pays it attention, to see how they might better serve it.

When cute attacks, with rapid fire tail, jumps and kisses, it rides its own axis, and all elements revolve around it.

When cute attacks, no one is safe.

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11 responses to “When Cute Attacks

  1. [this is very true]. Very cute! The boy took the puppy to work a few times. It had to stop. Productivity disappeared.

  2. Is this a work puppy? She is a DOLL! She can be a "Lady" when she grows up! 🙂

  3. awww… my kittie was cute and sometimes he would attack… literally…


  4. I can't argue with you here! Great post!

  5. Riss: puppy creates a wonderful pandemonium. She does create a productivity vacuum, but no one really seems to mind!
    Lauri: a work puppy indeed! Since she's a teeny, I want to call her 'Ladybug' but it might stick in her teeny puppy mind, and she'll never answer to proper name.
    Candy: cute with looks as well as claws? You are a fortunate one!
    DKN: I once asked my boss – as Lady thundered by – if she had ever dropped dead from 'the cute'. She gave me a look and had to say she never had.
    HHetta: never – ever – argue with cute. It wins every time.

  6. With this post Cute is Attacking my Hood!

  7. I love you Melinda!!!
    You just made my day!

  8. This puppeh needs her pictures sent to CO.

  9. Cute looks poised to spread cuteness wherever she goes, and to not be bothered at all by such brazen behavior. Well, you know the saying, cute is as cute does.

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