You Made Me Crazy

That is the translation of the song title, 'Du Hast Mich Toll Gemacht'.

With her sweep of citrus-colored hair, chopped and blunt, her elongated talons encircled with jewels, she is a picture of cruelty and decadence, fully capable of driving a man to madness.  Her eyes are occidental, yet oriental, their edges smeared with black kohl.  Almond-like and extended, they are deadly optical curves, predicting tragedy, seduction and pity.  The green shadow, vaulting above like cathedrals, was extracted from the emerald mines of the Ural Mountains, India and Columbia.  Crushed and smeared beneath her suffering brows, it is thick and rich, like honey.

She epitomizes Germany between the wars:  a country of brutal art, cultural savagery, mutilated veterans, prostitutes staring from open windows.  All of the danger, confusion, sex, brilliance and hunger from that time have collected in her face.

It is a map of exquisite perils, a poisonous topography.  It yields, it dares – with colors that are passionate and feral; with a beauty that can make you crazy.

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13 responses to “You Made Me Crazy

  1. Such a beautiful description.

  2. You really have a gift for words. The description flows like pure poetry. You painted a very vivid picture in my mind, just like seeing a nymph emerging out of the sea foam.

  3. Welcome to my family history lol. Well written indeed.

  4. It was quite a time.

  5. I love her – the green and orange. And the tattooed look on her shoulders. And especially the hands.

  6. I had always thought she wore a veil – possibly tattooed with embroidery? I first saw her in a book of old sheet music covers. Later, I was able to purchase a framed reproduction of her, and I'm watching her now, even as I type this.

  7. It's a lovely look – hard to tell whats going on, it seems to sit above her shoulders on the left but the green leaf runs over her hand. I watched The Good German a while back and you can imagine her as a post war survivor – she's gorgeous

  8. I hope that my art will one day inspire someone as perceptive as you to wax lyrical.

  9. This kicks! Such excelllent description!

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