I Saw A Lake In The Sky

But it was only for a moment.  The synapse between my eyes and my imagination thrilled briefly as it made the connection between the colors in the sky and waters that had somehow traveled upward.

I saw a pool of light collecting between clouds that had solidified into shorelines and beaches, before drifting away into a foggy landscape.  A depth of mercury, glistening with sunlight, floated above me like a baroque painting:  mad with radiance, sceneries and impossible worlds.

It was a smooth ellipse, lustrous and liquid.  The tired day had found the strength to cast a final glowing ember across it, which sank beneath its cold surface.  Far above me the waters lapped against the misty, cloudy sands.  Breezes signed across the ethereal waters – their sources hidden and distant:  the patient stars perhaps, or the moon, waiting for her time to appear; waiting to shame the sun with her stark, frosty light.

I saw a lake in the sky.  It flowed through the air, found its place in the depthless atmosphere and settled inside the geography of the parted clouds.  But the vision was only a brief one and all too quickly it melted away, like a silver coin tossed into a furnace.

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8 responses to “I Saw A Lake In The Sky

  1. *shivers*Lovely. Oh what we could all see if we only remember to look.

  2. SMisery: It was mesmerizing to see; it was too bad that I was crossing the street when I became mesmerized!
    Renee: I do believe in the fuller, richer vision. Perhaps I was meant to be near-sighted, to trip over the bumps and roots because I'm looking around, instead of looking at the sidewalk in front of me. (And thank you for the recommendation)
    Lauri: It's all there, waiting for you!

  3. Beautiful. I don't know how to comment on such a post, except to say that I enjoyed it very much.Please don't ever stop writing.

  4. This was so beautiful.I second purplesque's comment. Please don't ever stop writing!

  5. Another fantastic entry from you; I love the way you see the world.

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