Potted And Besotted

This little growing thing I noticed on purplesque's Vox page.  I was so taken with the attractiveness of both the subject and the photo itself, that I felt compelled to draw it.  It was perfect, really.  In addition to its undoubted charm and architectural greenery, it had the additional asset of being a plant, and therefore quiet and pretty.  Like a young housewife. 

Anyway, so while I don't question its growing potential, it would be something too slow to make me blink, or to make my hand tremble as it tried to capture an object audacious enough to move through the living air.  This was a most dutiful, and still life.

When my decision was made, I emailed purplesque, and asked her for permission to draw her basil plant.  With the grace and nobility I have come to expect from her, she gave me that permission.

So now the drawing is done, and I present it here:


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13 responses to “Potted And Besotted

  1. Amazing drawing. Oh i wish I could speak like you. ahhhh

  2. so delicate and pretty.

  3. very very nice. simple.

  4. This is lovely. Great work. I grow a lot of basil because I love to make pesto. It's the best herb there is.

  5. Such a beautiful drawing! I love it! I can smell the basil from here. Yum!

  6. Like a young housewife..Such an apt description. And a beautiful, beautiful drawing. The plant has taken well and is thriving, despite the lack of sun these days. I thought you might like to know that.

  7. Oh yum. Lovely fresh basil is so good, especially with tomato and bufallo mozzarella in caprese salad. It also looks very pretty and is tasy whether or not you say bazzil or bay-zil! (Nicely tagged)

  8. Do let your little plant know of its fame and admiration; it can bask in that sun until the real one comes out again!

  9. This is very, very nice !!! Beautiful and simple all by itself, or I can see it used as a design that is propagated to other mediums like cheery fabric for seat cushions and tablecloths.
    I really hope you don't mind me saying that….it's just that it's so pleasing to the eye that it would be delightful to experience it every day in a big way !!!

  10. I don't mind at all! Thank you for thinking my little drawing could be part of a person's home and life!

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