Vox Hunt: Babe Up In Arms

Show us a picture of you when you were a baby.
Submitted by yuki.

I tweaked the title of the Hunt, so you will get some sort of idea of what kind of baby I was.  I was loud. I was demanding.  I would shriek until my face was an iridescent purple.  If I was carried out of a room leaving a single eardrum intact, it was considered a very stunning defeat.

I was fat.  I had a full head of dark hair.  And I believed in the morality of crawling:  as both expression and locomotion, it was a child's right. A right of passage, so to speak.  I investigated all aspects of crawling – backwards, forwards – until giving into society's demands and sense of shame and deciding to stand up on two legs.  I'm not sure how old I was – Mother claims I was nineteen, but I have not yet confirmed that fact.

Anyway, I will never ignore an opportunity to post my picture.  So here I am, Baby Aubrey:  demanding to know where the hell I am, and wondering if I could somehow use my eyes to get that Kodak Brownie out of my face:

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9 responses to “Vox Hunt: Babe Up In Arms

  1. You may have been demanding, but you were such a cute kid! Love the bow, love the bandana, love the puffy sleeves!

  2. Wie suess! (how sweet) I love the yellow brightness of the photo–did you touch it up?

  3. Well, I'd love to say that I had hand tinted it, but the reality is that – so to speak – it was just the sepia seeping in…

  4. Such a perfect picture.. it captures the all-consuming curiosity of childhood so well. Love the sepia.

  5. This is a fantastic piece! And what an adorable baby you were – are your eyes still that stunning?

  6. That's really gorgeous. I've been having a much harder time keeping up with neighbor posts since, well, before, and feel I've missed quite a lot of postings lately, happy to see your name on a comment list today.

  7. So cute! I love baby pictures.

  8. Heee, in other words, the seepia. Awesome! I love the demanding babies! (all three of mine were, and it has stood them in good stead in their lives..)Oh, my! My first camera was a Brownie!!!

  9. cute pic; i dunno, bandanas and bows just don't compute …

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