It has been relentlessly cold, wet and blustery.

So my cold has decided to decided to stay a little while longer – just to be neighborly.  My lungs would have it otherwise, but what are two voices against vast colonies of bacilli?

I'm still coughing.  And now I'm beginning to sneeze again.

Long ago my parents took a picture of me – nine years old, bedridden with a cold and utterly miserable:

I see a look of accusation here; which I have now.  Someone gave this cold to me.  Someone couldn't be bothered to wash his/her hands.  Or cover their mouth.  Whose infected spittle misted the air that I passed through?  Was it someone in North Hollywood – at the coffeeshop where Boyfriend and I had breakfast?  Or at the market where we went later that same day – almost four weeks ago?  Who was it in Las Vegas that neatly pushed me off the road  to recovery?

Whoever you are…I hope you sleep well. 

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8 responses to “J’Accuse

  1. I, too, am afflicted with a boomerang cold. I, too, am not amused. Grumble, grumble, grumble…
    Hope you feel better soon, Aubs!

  2. Boo! (I'll be the royal boo-er; better clientele than the village boo-er.)Go away bad cold! Love the ribbons in your hair. Are you drawing one of your masterpieces?Get well, especially after the weather improves.

  3. Morgat: Some afflictions just don't know when it's time to go home.
    pyrit: Boo-yah! The ribbons were my mother's idea – she was always dressing me up, even in times of sickness!

  4. Poor lamb! I'm worried about the persistent cough–do you need antibiotics to go with your bourbon and crayons?
    Have you tried boiling water on the stove to increase the humidity? It's nice if you can add peppermint and/or lavender to the water, but the steam's the important part (that goes for you, too, Morgat!)

  5. My mother once accused my husband of "giving her his cold." I will never forget the answer. He said, "So, if you and I are out in a swamp and I get bit by an alligator, and then a little later that same alligator bites you–is it my fault because my alligator bit you?"

  6. I can confidently say that it wasn't me.
    Get well soon x

  7. aww the cold sucks. i'm not quite out of it yet either (but i didn't give you mine, at least i know that for sure!!).get well soon aubrey. 🙂 <—— pale smile

  8. booo indeed! I hope you feel 100% soon.

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