My Dear Friends

Well…they're not to be found at work.  They're not the ones I meet up with after work.  They're not blood relations.  They're not even to be found loitering in my Vox neighborhood (Hey!  You kids:  get off my lawn!

My dear friends aren't even animate.  They don't converse with me, yet they comfort me.  I can't count them as  family members, yet they are always there in times of sickness.

These are not useless, fey, brittle, fair-weather friends.  When I have no need of them, they can still be found waiting…lonely on their shelves, they are always patient.

But when the time comes, when the time is one of sickness – of congestion, of yacking up substances of an unyieldy  consistency, of a sinus riot, of coughs that explode out of your chest before ending in a drawn-out wheeze, of a head that aches because somehow a brick has been shoved up your nose blocking things up quite conveniently – my dear friends are never far away.

Bringing me fast relief, comfort, joy, and sometimes a little buzz…

they make the pain vanish in a penetrating, piercing vapor.

So, if you are sick, and in need of a friend, let me tell you this:  your local pharmacy is better than any lonely hearts column, any bar or any eHarmony-type dating service for finding a friend that will stick to you when you haven't breathed, washed, eaten, slept or dressed properly in two weeks.   (In other words, with the exception of her two dear friends, Aubrey will not be accepting visitors until she can wear lipstick again.)

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15 responses to “My Dear Friends

  1. Aaahhh (choo!), Vicks VapoRub. After Nyquil, one's best friend when fighting the common cold.

  2. Oh, Aubrey – I'm so sorry the crud got you! My poor neighbor just got out of the hospital after a week thanks to the head/chest monster. (I should mention that he's 82 so you don't think you might be next.)Feel better soon!

  3. Feel better soon!I saw something on TV about mass illness spreading around town but haven't seen it in The OC yet. Then again, I did just start a lovely congested cough another nice options for the sinuses is pure Eucalyptus Oil. I got a little bottle of it that works perfect for up-close inhaling, or rubbing on hands and inhaling, or adding to a steamer… and inhaling. lol

  4. Ah, good ol' Vicks to the rescue again.

    Add Vicks to a steamer… it works better that way, without you having to apply all that gloop on your skin.

    Tom Bergin's sounds wonderful.

  5. Waterbaby: Just now, I couldn't find my Vicks Inhaler – I came that close to a panic attack; it could have been bad.
    snoringKatZ: 'Crud' is a perfect word…it creeps and crawls and coats entire communities. I've been trying to trace who gave it to me. I think it was someone in North Hollywood. I'll get them, by God.
    LeendaDLL: Don't let the crud get you! Run! Run! Hide!
    Suga': I don't have them too often, but an Irish Coffee would be lovely right about now.

  6. 😦 I hope your friends take care of you, & fast. Feel bettoh!

  7. That stuff really is God in a tub, as far as I'm concerned. You should enjoy the Nyquil….it is incredible and not approved for use down here. Care to send some banned "therapeutic goods" to Aus?

  8. Its hard to be sympathetic when I'm laughing through my nose! I love Vicks Vaporub, they should rename it gooey comfort God or something.Get well soon.

  9. Dear Aubrey, Do get better soon, but in the meantime, will you pop over to my Vox and bestow a comment on my latest little opus? I've written it for a class, but it's very gossipy and I think you'll like it. Take good care of yourself. Renee

  10. Aw, feel better soon! *purr*purr* from the Miao Brothers.

  11. Poor, Aubrey! I hope you are back to your fabulous self very soon.

  12. I hope you soon trade Vicks for Trader Vick's.

  13. As a croupy child, Vicks VapoRub saved my little lungs many times over. Vaporizers at night. Mentholated air. Feel better soon, dear Aubrey!

  14. Get some rest, and maybe watch some "Lost" episodes on the ABC website — you know, the island heals all of the characters' illnesses, so maybe works its magic indirectly. Vox isn't the same without joie-de-vivre Aubrey!

  15. This, too, shall pass.
    There are many crappities floating in the airs.
    My thoughts are with you until yours pass.

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